How to install SpeedCrunch on Ubuntu Linux?

SpeedCrunch is a free and open-source high-precision scientific calculator which offers easy to use, fast, keyboard-driven user interface. It provides various built-in mathematical functions and allows you to define your own function.

It offers a built-in formula book that allows you to review and insert commonly used formulas such as volume of a cone, simple and compound interest, etc.

In this article, I will discuss how to install SpeedCrunch in a Ubuntu system.

Features of SpeedCrunch

The key features of SpeedCrunch are –

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Auto-completion feature
  • Keyboard driven user interface
  • Offer builtin formula book
  • High precision up to 50 decimal digits
  • Calculation history
  • Supports variables e.g. x=pi*2, sin(x), etc
  • Different angle modes
  • Automatic parenthesis closing

How to install SpeedCrunch in Ubuntu

There are ways to install SpeedCrunch on a Ubuntu system. You can use one of the given methods to install it on your system.

Installing SpeedCrunch from Ubuntu repository

SpeedCrunch is available in the official repository of Ubuntu. So you can download and install it either from Ubuntu Software or by using the apt command in your terminal.

Before you use a command to install a package run the given command to make sure the apt package repository is updated –

sudo apt update

Now run the given command to install SpeedCrunch on your system –

sudo apt install speedcrunch

Press y and then enter when it asks for your confirmation.

Installing SpeedCrunch using the deb package

Go to the official website, in the Linux section click on Download this will display a dropdown menu where select the 64-bit Deb package.

linux download speedcrunch

Alternatively, you can use the given command in your terminal to download the SpeedCrunch deb package –


Once the package is downloaded, use the following command to install it on your system –

sudo apt install ./SpeedCrunch-0.12-linux64.deb

Open SpeedCrunch on Ubuntu

Once the package is installed on your system you can launch it from Ubuntu’s activities dashboard. Search SpeedCruch and click on its icon when appears as you can see in the image below.


The following images show the user interface of SpeedCrunch with keypad enabled.


Now you can start using it for your calculations.

Another image is given below which shows the use of an inbuilt function in the calculator.

speedcrunch calculations

For more usage of SpeedCrunch, you can view the official documentation.

How to remove SpeedCrunch from Ubuntu

For any reason, if you want to remove SpeedCrunch from your system then run the given command in your terminal –

sudo apt remove speedcrunch

To remove any unused dependencies from your system use –

sudo apt autoremove


SpeedCrunch is one of the best calculator applications available for the Linux platform. I hope you have set up it successfully and are able to use it.

If you have a query then write us in the comments below.

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