Hannah Montana Linux

Hannah Montana is a Linux distribution that is themed after the American television show Hannah Montana. This distribution is based on Kubuntu and built around the modern KDE desktop environment. It has been created to “attract young users to Linux”.

It is pitched as fast, stable and powerful, and considered safe from computer viruses. The latest version of Hannah Montana which is version 2 is based on Kubuntu 9.04 “Jaunty Jackalope”.

Download and install Hannah Montana Linux V2

If you want to try Hannah Montana Linux you can download it from its official download page. You can install it on your system by creating a bootable USB, OR you can use it on a virtual machine.

We will not recommend using it because it was last updated around 2009. Instead of using it, you can convert the distribution installed on your system to look like Hannah Montana Linux.

The following image shows the splash screen of Hannah Montana Linux.

The main menu will look as given in the image below.

How to make your own distribution as Hannah Montana Linux

Since Hannah Montana Linux was updated a decade ago there are no reasons to download and install it. Instead of using it, you can make your own Linux distribution like Hannah Montana Linux by using the Hannah Montana theme pack.

Download Hannah Montana Linux Theme Pack

After downloading the theme pack from the given link you can extract and install it from the .tar.gz package. You can also download the Hannah Montana Linux logo and icons from its official website.

Once it gets installed reboot your system to make changes effective.


What we recommend is don’t use the older 32-bit Hannah Montana Linux, instead make your own distribution look Like it by installing the Hannah Montana theme pack.

Now for any query write us in the comments below.

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