TWRP recovery and Rooting guide for Moto G All Variants

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    Although there are so many ways to root your Moto G 4G but here I am going to present the very simplest way to root your device. Before starting this process please make sure that you have at least one hour of complete time. Please don’t do this in hurry, because I will not be held responsible for any mistakes that YOU did.

    After installing TWRP recovery you can install many android mods such as GCam APK, enable navigation gesture, enable face unlock, viper4android etc. and many more.

    Before proceeding to root your device I want you to take a backup of all your current data. Please follow the link for how to backup all the data on your android device:
    Step by step guide to take full backup of your phone data

    After backup go to unlock your boot loader. Boot loader unlock process will delete all user data.
    Boot loader unlock website

    After taking backup and unlocking boot loader of your phone please make sure that you have the following things in hand to start with the rooting method or custom recovery flashing.

    Required files for Moto G Custom Recovery flashing and rooting guide:
    Depending on you Moto G version you download the corresponding recovery ONLY.

    – Fastboot and adb binaries
    Latest SuperSu su binaries developed by Chainfire
    TWRP recovery image for your Moto G 1st Gen (Code name: Falcon)
    TWRP recovery image for your Moto G 2nd Gen (Code name: Titan)
    TWRP recovery image for your Moto G 4G (Code name: Peregrine)
    USB cable and USB Driver for Moto G

    Moto G TWRP Custom Recovery Flashing Guide:

    STEP 1:

    Unzip the fastboot and adb binaries and save it in some folder.
    Copy the recovery image file inside the fastboot and adb folder.

    STEP 2:

    Open a command console and go to the folder where you have adb, fastboot and the recovery image.
    Type the following command in the console:

    $ adb reboot bootloader

    This will take your device to the bootloader mode where you can change your under lying system data.

    STEP 3:

    Type the following command that installs the TWRP recovery image to your device:

    $ fastboot flash recovery <RECOVERY FILE NAME>
    $ fastboot reboot

    After successful completion of these commands your Moto G 4G will have the TWRP recovery flashed and your phone will be rebooted.

    Moto G Rooting Guide:

    Rooting guide will only work after TWRP custom recovery installation.
    If you will SKIP the TWRP recovery installation process and perform only these steps then rooting will not be done.

    STEP 1:

    Copy the SuperSu zip file that you have downloaded to your SD card.

    STEP 2:

    Type the following command in the console:

    $ adb reboot recovery


    STEP 3:

    Follow the below mentioned steps to flash the SuperSu zip file to your Android system.
    Touch on the Install software button
    And then Select a zip file to install.
    Select the SuperSu binary zip file where you have kept in the SD card.
    Now, swipe the button on the bottom to start the flashing procedure.

    After successfully completing all the above mentioned steps your device will be rooted.

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