Recovery TWRP for Redmi NOTE 4G Dual Sim [UPDATED]

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    Confuse ….

    Redmi Note 4G Dual sim – code name is Gucci

    Seeing Dior at the top of the post made me confusing …


    coz i make a lot of mistake dior and gucci ..





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    This custom recovery TWRP for REDMI NOTE 4G users is presented by miui user juliusssss. A custom recovery is the gateway to most of the beatiful Cutom ROMs around, like: CyanogenMod, LiquidSmooth, Paranoid Android and lot more. Now the Xiaomi REDMI NOTE 4G users can enjoy such Custom ROM experience because they have the Custom Recovery ready for their device.

    twrp for redmi note 4g

    Below are some of the Custom ROMs for Redmi NOTE 4G:
    Redmi NOTE 4G CM13 Marshmallow ROM
    Android KitKat based MIUI 6 for Redmi NOTE 4G

    installing the Custom Recovery may lead to VOID your WARRANTY and may erase your data.
    Be informed that I cannot be held responsible for your bricked device or if anything goes wrong.

    Please follow the link for how to backup all the data on your android device:
    Step by step guide to take full backup of your phone data

    Required files to flash TWRP for Redmi NOTE 4G – Dior:

    TWRP download link
    – Fastboot and adb binaries needed only for METHOD 2
    – USB cable and USB Driver needed only for METHOD 2.

    TWRP for Redmi NOTE 4G, flashing guide:

    METHOD #1:
    Installing TWRP recovery Without a PC


    STEP 1:

    Download the recovery zip file and copy it to your SD card or internal memory.
    Rename it to

    STEP 2:

    Turn off your phone and enter into your stock recovery by pressing Volume up and power button.

    STEP 3:

    Select the Install from sdcard option in your recovery and all DONE.

    METHOD #2:
    Installing the recovery using a PC


    STEP 1:

    Unzip the fastboot and adb binaries and save it in some folder in your PC.
    Now download the recovery zip file, extract the recovery.img file and copy it inside the fastboot and adb folder.

    STEP 2:

    Open a command console and enter into the directory in the console where you have adb, fastboot and the recovery image.
    Type the following command in the console:

    $ adb reboot bootloader


    STEP 3:

    Type the following command that installs the TWRP recovery image to your device:

    $ fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    $ fastboot reboot

    After successful completion of the above commands your Redmi NOTE 4G will have the TWRP recovery flashed and your phone will be rebooted.

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