How To Install MIUI Fastboot ROM Files on Xiaomi Devices

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    Follow this step-by-step guide to easily install MIUI Fatboot ROM OTA Fastboot files On Xiaomi phones and tablets. Using this guide you can Update your Xiaomi device(s) to latest MIUI Global Stable Firmware using MiFlash utility (e.g MIUI 7.1 , MIUI 7.2, MIUI 7.5 etc.).

    This guide will be very much helpful if your Xiaomi device is
    rooted or the bootloader is unlocked. In this case your device will not get OTA Update and hence you have to manually Install the MIUI Global Stable ROM on your Xiaomi device(s). It is applicable for all Xiaomi devices.

    Install Stock MIUI Fastboot ROM OTA Update Zip Files



    How To Install Stock MIUI Fastboot ROM OTA Update Zip Files On Xiaomi Phones/Tablets:

    1. Download and install the MiFlash Utility for Windows OS
    2. Download the MIUI Fastboot ROM zip file for your device from MIUI downloads and unzip (extract the files) it.
    3. Put your phone/tablet into fastboot mode. (Power off the device. Press and hold both the Power button and the Volume Down button)
    4. Open the MiFlash utility, Click on browse and then select the unzipped MIUI Fastboot ROM directory.
    5. First click on the Refresh button, which should automatically recognize your Xiaomi device.
    6. Now click on the Flash button on the MiFlash utility.

    The Update process will start automatically. Wait until the Status bar shows “The operation completed successfully”, which means the ROM has been successfully installed on your Xiaomi device. After that your Xiaomi phone/tabletshould automatically boot to the new version.

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