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    LGUP Flash Tool is a Windows application which allows LG users to flash LG’s stock firmwares which are available in .kdz format. If you are a LG user then yes the LGUP LG Flash tool is useful now and then for you. Here we are providing the direct download links to the LGUP tools. There will be two download links to two LGUP LG Flash tools, one is for older devices (2014 and older LG devices) and a new LGUP tool which will be for newer (Latest phones) LG devices.

    LGUP LG Flash Tool

    How the LGUP Tool is useful for a user:

    – Sometimes there are some Firmware releases which are not released for a geographical location. So in this situation if you want to flash some firmware released for a different geographical location then you can simply download the firmware and install on your LG device with LGUP tool.
    – Also when an official stock firmware is released, you can flash the Firmware using the LGUP tool. This is similar to the Odin flashing tool for Samsung devices released by Samsung itself.
    – If you have installed a custom ROM then by flashing a stock firmware using LGUP flash tool, you can unroot your LG phone and you can bring it to stock state. This is usually useful if you want to give your phone to LG service center to repair.

    Download link to LGUP Flash Tool:

    Download link for Latest LG phones
    For older phones (2014 or earlier phones)
    LG USB Drivers

    These download links will be used to update the Stock Firmware on LG phones. Here is our LG forum where you can find several LG device related custom ROMs, rooting and recovery guides and more.

    How to Install LGUP Flash Tool:

    1. Download and extract the LGUP flash tool on your Windows PC.
    2. Download and Install the LG USB drivers.
    3. First Install the LGUP_8994_DLL_Ver_0_0_3_23.msi. This will install some DLL files automatically and you will not get any notification or any interface.
    4. After installing the above, now install the LGUP_Install_Ver_1_14_3.msi executable and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
    5. DONE!!! LGUP Flash Tool is now installed on your Windows PC.

    After installing LGUP flash tool you will need to flash kdz Stock LG Firmware files and here is the guide:
    How to Flash/Install LG Stock kdz Firmware files using LGUP Flash tool

    If you have any concerns or you are facing any problems on the download links then let me know.

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