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This is a Google Camera APK port of base version 8.4.300 and MWP build version v1 beta4 (latest) which is built by MWP only for Google Pixel phones.

Click on the dropdown box and scroll down to get the latest version of this port in the end.

Latest Build date: July 2022

Changelog of GCam 8.4.00_beta4 by MWP:

1. (Experimental) Added onscreen AWB slider like Pixel 6 / 6 Pro, Thanks Arnova. please read description on app

2. Added custom AWB. (Alternate if you dont want use the AWB slider)

3. Added Noise model options

4. Libpatcher : Added Merge (Super res zoom) method & Dehazed regulator paramenter

5. Fixed glpreview on some devices

Known Bugs:

viewfinder will be greenish/purple if AWB slider used ( reported on Pixel 4 XL )

Changelog beta3:

All Pixels :
- Possibility to force Astro always ON
- Enable Auto night sight & HDR enhanced by default
- Change method on HDR frames option
- Added Manual focus slider
- Added Libpatcher toggle on viewfinder
- Added JPG quality options on libpatcher
- Added features for saving your config / settings as .xml file

Pixel 4/5/6 :
- Fixed dual exposure slider

Pixel 3a / 3a XL:
- Changed default portrait zoom

Changelog beta2:

1. Added Temporal radius, HDR light, Sabre Sharpening on Libpatcher
2. Added HDR frames options
3. Added Exposure compensation
4. Re-tuning my xHDR lib

Changelog beta1:

- Initial release
- Based on Gcam 8.4.300.15 ( by Arnova8G2 )
- Lib using 8.4.400.19

Mod features :
1. Libpatcher ( Thanks to fahmi182 )
2. Added my xHDR lib (test)
3. HDR model separated for main & front lens
4. Portrait HDR Enhanced
5. Black and White mode ( Thanks to fahmi182 )
6. Added Exposure slider & ISO slider


Built primarily for Google Pixel phones but may also work on other phones.


Supported devices:

  • Google Pixel phones
  • and many more devices

Other Google Camera Downloads:

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  • Download 994
  • File Size 911.47 MB
  • Create Date January 24, 2023

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