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  • This is a Google Camera port of base version 6.2.024 by MadnessKnight which is based on BSG GCam port or Google Camera port for Razer Phone 2.

    Build date:

    Changelog of GCam 6.2.024 by MadnessKnight:

    • Added a splash icon (thanks Greatness)
    • Changed color accent
    • Completely based in BSG port for RP2
    • Added 11 AWBs (GCam by Wyroczen)
    • Added both focus and shutter speed manual controls (GCam by Cstark27) (Thanks overwhelmer for guide)
    • Added permanent Night Sight suggestion (GCam by Cstark )
    • Added a settings shortcut by long pressing camera switch button
    • Added HDR+ Denoise (Fix for overexposure) (from Arnova8G2 GCam)
    • Barely fixed Night Sight and front camera
    • Forced Black level to 64


    • In order to take a photo, first focus to a spot, otherwise it won't take a photo
    • Night Sight isn't properly working, but it's now compatible
    • Front cam shutter may fail
    • In bright conditions, shooting a portrait photo, will break tap to focus, just restart the app
    • Lens shading issue is present
    • Awbs may not be different

    Supported devices:

    • Galaxy J6 GCam (Exynos)

    Other Google Camera Downloads:

    • Google Camera APK (The huge list that contains working GCam ports for all available phones)
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