BigKaka Google Camera 9.0

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This is a GCam port of the base version 9.0.37 and SGCam version BETA_V2 (latest) which is built by developer Shamim.

Build date: September 2023

Changelog of GCam 9.0.37 BASE version by BigKaka:


  • Version Decrypted String
  • Version Crack
  • Support for Android 12 +
  • Fixed portrait freezing issue

Known BUG:

  • This is a very early release of the new GCam 9.0. Expect crashes and very limited functionality.


  • This is a base version, it is a clean version without any AGC code added, only for mod creators and people interested in testing, only tested Xiaomi 13 Pro, Xiaomi 10U, other device have problem don't ask me lol, thanks to Shamim for decrypt string


Supported devices:

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  • Create Date September 18, 2023

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