What is TWRP Recovery? Where to Download and How to Update?

TWRP shortened for Team Win Recovery Project is the most popular custom recovery project after the ClockworkMod recovery.

Even there is no such unique recovery project available around this time.

Of course, there are some available but all of them are more or less a fork of TWRP only.

So, if you are looking to download and use TWRP recovery on your Android phone, then here I have a list of officially supported and unofficially supported devices.

But before that give me a chance to bring few more things about the Team Win Recovery itself.

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TWRP Recovery Download for Android

FAQs asked about TWRP Recovery

Advanced users who use custom ROMs know the Team Win recovery very well but how about a newbie?

Not everyone know what is TWRP! So, I am attempting to answer all the commonly asked questions about TWRP in the below relevant sections.

What is Team Win Recovery?

TWRP is a custom recovery image available for an Android phone.

Every Android phone is designed to have a manufacturer programmed recovery image in the recovery partition which is used for Android OS upgrade, troubleshooting the Android phone etc.

Usually the default recovery image is limited on functionality.

TWRP on the other hand is a feature rich custom recovery available for Android. So, you get the below features when you use a TWRP on your phone:

Features of Team Win Recovery

– Custom recovery installation available in .zip format from internal storage
– Provides ADB sideload option to install a custom ROM or magisk etc.
– Can backup and restore the whole Android OS
– Advanced wiping option for all partitions
– Built-in MTP to mount internal phone memory on the PC
– Built-in file manager to browse files
– Built-in command console
– md5 checksum verification before installing a custom ROM zip file
– more

Of course there is more to this list but I have added only the key functionalities needed when you use TWRP.

Official Supported vs Unofficial Supported Devices

When a new device is released, typically you see an unofficial recovery build.

Basically this is called a developer build.

The developer(s) then sends the device tree of a phone to the TWRP team to support it officially.

A device is said to be officially supported once there is a maintainer who agrees to provide TWRP update for that particular device.

Usually officially supported devices are updated to the latest TWRP version by the team.

It is always advisable to use developer recommended recovery on a speficic phone.

Is it Safe to Install TWRP Recovery?

Most of the TWRP builds are safe to install.

It is not so easy to tamper a TWRP build and inject with something dangerous.

As long as it is downloaded from the trusted sources or a developer recommended website, you can go for installing TWRP without any worry.

Now, let’s look at the download options.

Download TWRP Recovery for Android Phone:

Adding TWRP download for all devices will make this list very lengthy and uncomfortable for people to find the right one.

So, to keep things simple, I have categorized the TWRP download by manufacturer name. Each of those list in turn will have a list of device specific download links.

TWRP Download list for BQ phones Supported Devices List


TWRP Download list for HTC phones Supported Devices List


TWRP Download list for Motorola phones Supported Devices List


TWRP Download list for Samsung phones Supported Devices List


TWRP Download list for Wileyfox phones Supported Devices List


TWRP Download list for Yu phones Supported Devices List


TWRP Download list for ZTE phones Supported Devices List


TWRP Download list for Zuk phones Supported Devices List


If you do not find a usable TWRP for your phone, please comment here or use the manufacturer specific download page.

I will try my best to bring a compatible custom recovery for your phone if not a TWRP.

How to Install TWRP on Android
Installing TWRP requires an unlocked bootloader on your phone and ADB Fastboot binaries on your PC or computer.

Once you have the basic requirements ready, you can visit our step-by-step guide on installing TWRP.

If you face any problem after installing TWRP, just comment here with the exact error do you face.

Either me or someone from the team will try to answer your query or solve your problem.

How-to Guides for TWRP RecoveryVisit the TWRP Recovery Guides forum for TWRP specific how-to guides.


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