Download Adhell 3 – KNOX AdBlocker and Package Disabler for Samsung Galaxy devices

If you are a user of any Samsung smartphone then you might already know about Adhell and for those who don’t know about it then let me tell you it is one of the best Samsung Knox based application which can Block system-wide Ads, trackers, analytics from applications. This app is very useful if you have any Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet. This application is only made for Samsung users so, if you not a Samsung user then this application will not work for you. Adhell was launched on 2016 October and till then it has gained so much popularities among all the Samsung device users.

The best part I liked about this application is that you don’t have root your device so it is like a treat for those users who don’t have a rooted smartphone. This application comes with 3 months KNOX EDU License which you must have to renew after every 3 months.

Currently, Adhell latest version is 3.0, you can download Adhell 3 and other required files from the download section below but it not as simple as it sounds. You can not install just like normal apks, you have to do some technical work. You can follow the below steps. Before installing Adhell 3, you gotta need Adhell 3 source code and Knox key. All the required items are provided below. Read the installation part carefully.

Features of Adhell 3

  • Pre-Activated KNOX ELM Licence.
  • Domain Limit Size Increase (50,000)
  • Disable Apps Enabled by default.
  • Apps Component Enabled by default.

How to get the Samsung Enterprise Knox key license key?

  • First of all, you have to sign in this Site with your Samsung account.
  • To generate new keys, you have to visit this Site.
  • You will see an option Generate License Key, simply click on it.
  • Now you have to go “Samsung  EDU SDK” section and then you have to select Enterprise License Key.
  • Add any desired name under Add a key alias section.
  • Click on Generate license key”
  • Copy the given key. ( Do repeat the steps again if you are getting keys having KLM as a starting letter)

Downloads Adhell

In order to download you have to register an account at Gitlab if you don’t have already.

How to Install AdHell 3.1 on your Samsung device {Steps}

  • First of all, you have to enable USB debugging and then you have to connect your device to your PC via USB cable.
  • From this Link download AdHell Master zip.
  • Extract the contents of the zip in your PC.
  • Now download Knox SDK 3.1 package zip in your PC.
  • Now you have to download Support Lib Jar in your PC.
  • Now check in Adhell 3 source folderapp\libs for libs content if it is not already there then copy the libs content in it.
  • Now you have to download Android Studio.
  • Now install it and run.
  • Click on “Open an existing Android Studio project”.
  • Now you have to select the extracted folder of source code.
  • Now Install the latest SDK and follow all the on-screen instruction.
  • Now wait until the process is finished.
  • Now on the left, open ‘Gradle Scripts
  • Now open “Build.Gradle (Module:app)”.
  • Search for the line applicationId“com.”
  • Now rename applicationId to com.adhe123.ahd1.
  • Then click on  ‘Sync Now’ option.
  • After that click on Play button.
  • Select your phone and press OK.
  • Now the APK will install on your device.
  • Done!




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