Cat Brain World Mod

Cat Brain is a new brain game that can only be solved by breaking the frame of obvious thinking.
You can train your genius every day by stimulating your brain healthily.

Cat Brain World’s Clear Differentiation

• The production team of ‘Mobile Girl, MiM’, a popular character all over the world, participated.
• There are no ads that pop out suddenly when the player doesn’t want it.
• You can solve clever puzzles and raise cute cats (of course, you don’t have to keep cats, you just have to focus on quizzes)

Cat Brain World’s Unique Features

• Enjoy without a network connection
• It’s a puzzle game, but it has an interesting story (a lot of people do it because of the story)
• You can interact with cats that heal just by looking at them
• Word games, nonsense quizzes, tricky puzzles, escape rooms, spot the difference game, hidden picture game, and IQ games all in one app (a truly comprehensive gift set from Brain Games)
• You can develop genius and nonsense skills by looking for the subtly hidden answer (we believe so)
• New stages will be added endlessly with frequent updates (Please support us so that the schedule is confirmed~)

Grow into a special genius in harmony with reason and emotion with Cat Brain!
Be happy above all!

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