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Every smartphone manufacturer, always put up the skin over the Android OS to give them their trademark look and feel. You might have noticed this as Samsung uses the One UI, OnePlus uses the Oxygen OS, Asus uses the Zen UI, MIUI is used by Xiaomi, etc. These manufacturers keep their skins on top of the Android OS version in order to provide customizations offered by them to the users. But, not all the skins are the best and often these skins slow up the performance of the mobile phone, even if the smartphone packs a good configuration.

This might be due to the fact these skins were not properly optimized for those specifications or moreover, these skins and the apps that come with it use up memory and RAM higher than what is expected. The previous skin, the Touchwiz used by Samsung on its mobile phone was too buggy and it eventually would make your phone slower as tie progresses. Thanks to the One UI, we now get a cleaner more usable skin on Samsung devices.

The same is the case with the gallery apps. All these manufacturers along with the skins, put up gallery apps that are either great or totally a disaster. I am not personally a fan of gallery apps offered by Color OS, MIUI, or the ZEN UI. They are crappy and tends to be more useless than useful. I prefer stock gallery apps, the one we get with OnePlus devices or the best in the market, the Pixel Devices. One UI also has a great gallery app due to its one hand operation feasibility. In this article, we will look at the best free gallery applications or alternatives for Android. Let us get straight into the article.

Best Gallery Apps for Android

1. QuickPic – Photo Gallery

Now, this is my preferred gallery application on my Note 9. The QuickPic app is fast, smooth, does not involve any kind of lags or bugs, and moreover, gives you a minimal gallery experience. I am personally using this application for about as long as I can remember using a smartphone. Moreover, this app lets the user get what they want i.e. a plain, simple and fast gallery application. The app only weighs 6.6 MB which is one of the best advantages of this app. Other features include cloud support including Picasa, Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, OneDrive, Box, Amazon, Yandex, 500px, OwnCloud, Samba and more.

QuickPic App for Android

There are a lot of customization options like themes and other tweaks to make your gallery app more desirable. The app is super smooth and can load 1000 photos and images without a stutter. You can all the support of finger gesture, an in-built basic photo editor, and an image or video hider within the application. Besides, you can sort your images in about any category and it also supports various file formats almost every format you know off.


2. Memoria Photo Gallery

Memoria Photo Gallery app is a new gallery application which has features the best of its own. You get a clean material design and a fast, smooth gallery experience with this application. Moreover, the app does not take any time to load your images or videos and produces them instantly. This app also has what the user call it the 3D touch functionality which allows the user to press and hold on to the image and get a quick zoomed-in glance at the image. There are a lot of customization options available like themes, primary accent colors, change your profile photo or name to really make it your own.

Memoria Photo gallery app

One of the best features what I liked about this application is the enhanced security options like the in-built support for the fingerprint gestures, PIN or password protection. There is also an encrypted vault that lets access to you only but only through Memoria app. Other features include favorites, different labels for sorting your images and videos, slideshow, image pinning, and you can even cast your images directly to your device or supported devices within the app.


3. Simple Gallery Pro

The Simple Gallery Pro application as the name suggests is a very simple, clean and highly customizable gallery application available for Android. The app features a recycle bin, which stores all your deleted data and gives you one more opportunity before erasing them permanently. Besides, the app also offers you to hide an image or video within the application and supports many different formats of image and video files. Moreover, the app does not contain any unnecessary ads or requires no unwanted permission in order to run smoothly on your phone.

Simple Gallery Pro

Moreover, you get an in-built photo editor which is a good tool to tweak with some basics of the image editing. The app lets you sort your images under a different category and it also allows you to search for a particular image or video very quickly. Besides, it is available in 32 languages and ha advanced security features like fingerprint support as well. You can also use the fingerprint or other security features for the other specific functions of the app itself.


4. FOTO Gallery

Another promising gallery application I came across, is the FOTO Gallery application. It is very small in size (5.5 MB) and is fast, smooth and gives you a nice gallery application experience. Moreover, the app does not feature any ads or any kind of unnecessary permission to run on your device. The app does load all your images and video blazingly fast and it is super responsive. you won’t feel any lag or glitch while using this gallery application. This app also has a trash folder that stores all your deleted files and gives you another opportunity to restore the accidentally deleted images of videos.

The app also lets you sort your files according to various categories and offers you a folder to hide all your sensitive images or videos. Moreover, you can also put up a passcode or PIN to secure the folder. The FOTO Gallery app also has an in-built photo editor app that lets you edit all the basic tweaks in an image. This app also offers a lot of customization to look and design of the application via themes, etc. Overall, nice, small size and fast gallery alternative to your stock gallery application.


5. Gallery

This is another smooth gallery app, that intelligently understand what is more important to your activity within the app and sorts them accordingly. It organizes them into a tag called “Moments” so that they accessible more easily to you. It is also the first gallery application for Android wear as well. So if you have Android wear like the Samsung Galaxy Watch, then you can install it on the watch also. The app lets you organize manually or it can automatically organize all your images or video files according to events, dates and other categories.

Gallery app

You can easily share it across all the platforms and devices very easily. The app features an intelligent mode which is called the Smart Mode, that lets you detect duplicate photos, best photos in your gallery and also centers the image gallery around the smiling faces in the image. The app comes with an intelligent notification, that lets you rediscover the lost memories from the past stored in images on your device. Overall, it is another worthy alternative for your current stock Android gallery application.



There you have it from my side in this article. Hope you liked this article as I have tried to compile the best gallery application that is worthy enough to replace your current old stock gallery apps. All the apps mentioned here does not contain any ads (except the Memoria app) or do not require any pro mode or whatsoever payment from you to use them. That is the reason why some of you might not find paid gallery apps on this list. Please let us know in the comments below which one is your favorite and also let us know about the performance of these gallery apps.

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