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All about Football Games!
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August 16, 2021
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People love playing sports games. Football is among the most popular sports across the globe. There are many football games on the google play store you can enjoy. Finding the best football games on android will save you time to find the perfect game for you.

Best Football Games for Android

There are many categories in this genre. You may like to play realistic games with higher graphics and animations, or you may want to play with real people rather than AI, maybe you want to only do free kicks, even just casual swipe and play- there are many choices. Here we are trying to list the android football games as we think are better suited for you.

All-in-One Best Football Games

In this section, we will make a list of all-in-one football games where you will feel the excitement of a real match.  With higher resolution graphics and dynamic gameplay, you will enjoy every second of it.

We have listed the following games in this section –

  • eFootball PES 2021

  • Dream League Soccer 2021

  • FIFA Soccer
  • Real Football

eFootball PES 2021

Dynamic gameplay paired with high graphics it is arguably the best football game android has yet to offer. Developed by KONAMI it fights toe-to-toe with its rival ELECTRONIC ARTS‘ FIFA Soccer.

PES 2021 best football for android

You can recruit a manager whom formation you like and can build up your team. There are a wide range of players you can choose from.

Not only the recent players but also you can recruit legends in your team to build a dream team. There are also iconic moment players which are different than the normal ones.

You can play campaign, challenges or even real-time multiplayer match with players around the world. You can even play with your game friends.

PES 2021 best android football game

There are always many events, which are ways to acquire legend players or iconic moment players. And all of these are free-to-play. By spending some cash you can buy new jersey’s and themes.

You can play using the classic control or can challenge yourself with pro-control. Also, there are many levels of difficulty to increase your tactics and gameplay experience.

There are in-match commentary available for you to download. There are many commentary languages that give the match almost real-like feelings.

With all these features there is no doubt it is among the best game of football available on android.


Or you can get it from the play store. But, sometimes you might not see it in the play store. In that case, you have to download a VPN and try again.

Dream League Soccer 2021

First Touch Games Ltd. has been doing a great job developing some good sports games. Dream League Soccer is lightweight relative to the previous ones but does not let your hope down.

It will amaze you more as still what it provides having a small size. The graphics are quite good. The gameplay is smooth and better than its previous incarnations.

Dream League Soccer best low memory football game

Dream League Live puts your club against the very best in the world. Work your way through the ranks to prove your team is the greatest and compete in Global Leaderboards and Events for exclusive prizes!

You can build and develop your dream team from over 4,000 FIFPro™ licensed players. Build your soccer empire from your own Stadium to Medical, Commercial, and Training facilities.

Some unique abilities are paired with different players. You can also build a player from zero to hero.

Can compete against players from across the globe with Dream League Live. Exclusive soundtrack featuring Retro Video Club, Only The Poets, Halo Sol, and more! This increases the overall game value.

Thus it stands among the best football games one can play on android.


FIFA Soccer

It is no surprise that games ELECTRONIC ARTS will not be included in the best list. They are one of the bests when it comes to sports games.

This game also has stunning graphics and fluid gameplay. You can choose from the biggest leagues, best teams including over 50000 players.

The gameplay is simple just like any other football game. You can train yourself in the training ground to harness your skill.

FIFA Soccer

Can participate in the live events happening around the world. Build your dream team with the legends and icons of world football.

You can even build a local hero to a superstar by training him and leveling him up. Play with your in-game friends to test your skills against them on real-time multiplayer.

Though it lacks commentary, and it has some drawbacks but still with all it offers, it is among the best games in the football genre.

Although surely FIFA 14 and FIFA 16 were much better games at that time. So, the expectations were sky-high but somehow they manage to pull themselves back to make an average game relative to their previous ones.


Real Football

If you were a java or Symbian user, and a football lover then it is guaranteed you’ve heard even played Real Football developed by Gameloft SE. In android gaming, it was on top of football games for a long time.

real football best vintage game

It lacks high-quality graphics, but it has decent quality. The smooth gameplay is still quite enjoyable by many. Multiple camera views during cutscenes and set pieces for a richer broadcast and first-person sensation give some enhanced experience.

You can build your dream team by recruiting star players through the lottery. Enhance your players’ abilities by acquiring skill items through the lottery and matches. Can also challenge other players in asynchronous PvP World Arena mode and climb the leaderboards.

It might not be the best game of football on android but it can satisfy you in a pleasant way.


Best Swipe Football Games

From traditional football, the trend is now shifting towards swipe-based games. Where you draw a line to make a pass and even shoot.

These games have quite brilliant graphics. Easy and simple to play. This includes-

  • Score! Hero 2
  • Score! Match – PvP Soccer
  • Soccer Star 2021 Top Leagues: Play the SOCCER game
  • Soccer Star 2021 Football Cards: The soccer game
  • Soccer Super Star

Score! Hero 2

This game is also developed by First Touch Games Ltd. It’s the previous incarnation Score! Hero was probably the first swipe-based football game.

The game dynamics are simple and easy to understand. You have to go through a career complete levels with some given tasks to climb to the top.

Score Hero best swipe football game

Unleash your Hero on a glittering career by shooting, passing, and scoring your way to superstardom! Now with officially licensed, REAL clubs and leagues!

This game has some challenging scenarios, where you will need to get the best out of you to score. The commentary is also good. This is one of the best games of football for being both easy and enjoyable on android devices.


Score! Match – PvP Soccer

Another one of First Touch Games Ltd. creations. It is basically the previously mentioned game but totally multiplayer.

There are 11 different arenas for you to climb through by beating your opponent in a limited-time match. Time and place your passes accurately to keep possessions and score to win.

Score match best football multiplayer

Collect and upgrade your players to increase the chance of you winning. You can also recruit your friends to your team. This has exactly the same graphics quality as Score! Hero 2.

This is a fun-to-play multiplayer football game you can enjoy on your android device.


Soccer Star 2021 Top Leagues: Play the SOCCER game

This is another one of those swipe/flick football games. Much like the previous ones but it has a little twist.

The aforementioned games would not let you all the 90 minutes of play, but this game does that. Though you cannot technically play, but commentaries are displayed on the screen.

Soccer Star 2021 Top Leagues: Play the SOCCER game

This game has been designed to feel like a real soccer player, a soccer player who is playing with his loved team in the most important competitions like World Cup. This game has a great level of quality and graphics.

You can play at clubs and performing there can grab you a seat for your nation’s WorldCup journey.


Soccer Star 2021 Football Cards: The soccer game

This is another story-based flick soccer game with easy to play and simple control. The quality is on par.

It has a story that lets you start at a lower-level club from where you gradually climb up the top both nationally and internationally.

Soccer Star 2021 Football Cards: The soccer game

You can earn, collect and use cards to update your player to help his cause on worlds domination with football. The simplicity and the graphics pick this game up among the best football games for android.


Soccer Super Star

This game is very much similar to Soccer Star 2021 Football Cards: The soccer game. Both games follow a story of a player starting at a lower-ranked club and slowly climbing up to the top.

This game also offers great visuals and ambiance music. You can customize your player after you have unlocked the options. This is easy to play, but on some levels, you need to plan after playing several times to get all three stars.

Soccer Super Star

There is no need of upgrading your player for better play or no need to open supply bags, so you can enjoy an unhindered gaming experience.


Best Free-Kick Football Games

You may enjoy football, but enjoy penalties and free kicks much more. There are many games that offer you only those.  These easy-to-play games are both very much enjoyable and challenging at the same time.

Here you will see-

  • Flick Shoot 2
  • Final Kick  2020 Best Online football penalty game
  • Mobile Kick

Flick Shoot 2

It is the absolute best when it comes to free kick games. With tons of different modes, you can challenge yourself and compare with players all over the world.

flick shot 2 best football free kick game

By playing you can unlock modes. The modes become more challenging gradually.

But recently it has been removed from the play store. The last update was done in 2019. Yet still, no games have been able to reach the level of Flick Shoot 2.


Final Kick  2020 Best Online football penalty game

This is a multiplayer penalty shootout game. Final Kick has good graphics and easy control to play with some real animations.

Though it is an online game, there are 20 offline tournaments with more than 100 teams.Final Kick  2020 Best Online football penalty game

Be the penalty shooter to score and be the goalkeeper to stop opponents’ shots. This will surely give you the intense feeling of penalties.


Mobile Kick

This is another free kick game that offers 3d gameplay.

But not only it contains you in taking kicks, you can also take penalties, become a goalkeeper and even dribble in some modes.

You can compete in the major international cups also can take part in the major leagues from around the world.

Build your squad by recruiting players from all around the world, compete against the real teams in the battle of penalties.

Mobile Kick

There are some other modes you can try. Enjoy football to its fullest potential by playing this game on your android.


Other Best Games of Football for Android

There are more games that belong to the football genre. Like football manager, cartoon football, casual football, and much more.

The games we have talked about are-

  • Top Eleven 2021: Be a Soccer Manager
  • Soccer Manager 2020 – Football Management Game
  • Soccer Manager 2021 – Free Football Manager Games
  • Mini Football – Mobile Soccer
  • Pro League Soccer
  • Head Football LaLiga 2021 – Best Football Games
  • Head Ball 2

Top Eleven 2021: Be a Soccer Manager

With more than 250 million registrations to date, Top Eleven is the world’s #1 mobile online soccer management game!

This game gives you the most realistic feel of being a manager. Go up against other soccer managers from around the world in this real-time soccer manager game! Just like the legendary José Mourinho, you’ll be able to create the soccer management strategies that will lead your team to trophies.

Top Eleven 2021: Be a Soccer Manager- best football manager game on android

Design the training sessions that will give your players the boosts they need to deliver on the soccer pitch. Build a world-class 3D stadium to welcome thousands of your soccer fans. Completely customize your stadium’s pitch with collectible patterns. Collect exclusive jerseys and emblems and show off your soccer club’s style, including some of the biggest soccer clubs in the world.

This is the best football manager game you can found for android.


Soccer Manager 2020 – Football Management Game

You may not be into playing the game, but you want to build and manage a team and unlock its fullest potential. Change in-game tactics to win it for your team.

This game is for you. You can manage your club team and members to the club itself. From over 800 clubs around 33 countries, pick one and take it to the top.

Keep track of players’ morale and condition and make a training session for them.

Soccer Manager 2020 - Football Management Game

But the thing that makes the game stand out from the other management game is you can simulate the match in 3d. So, why wait, wear your managerial coat and bring the fight to the field to make your career skyrocket.


You can also try the latest version of the game Soccer Manager 2021 – Free Football Manager Games.

Mini Football – Mobile Soccer

Are you in for some cartoon arcade football fun? Mini Football is the game you must admire.

This is a fun-looking 3D arcade football game with having different game modes. You can play PvP multiplayer online with other players.

Mini Football - Mobile Soccer - best casual android football game

You can play league matches to climb up to the top and sit on the throne. Can participate in Lucky Shot to earn prizes to upgrade your team.


If you like this, we have another suggestion for you which is Pro League Soccer. This has almost the same dynamics as Mini Football but there is less customization option available.


Head Football LaLiga 2021 – Best Football Games

Do you want casual fun? 1v1 gameplay is offered in this game.

Protect your goalpost also score goals to win against online players.

Head Football LaLiga 2021 - Best Football Games

You can acquire players from LaLiga, also create your own avatar. User powerups to increase your chance of winning in this casual football fun game on android.


If you are moved by this game, then we have one more to offer you. Head Ball 2 is another game you will enjoy. The game dynamics and gameplay are fun.



We tried to cover as much as possible from different choices of football games to find the best games on android. So, it is quite a bit bigger. But it is assured, if you want to try football games you will most possibly find nothing out of the list.

Yet, if you think we have missed any game, feel free to leave a comment in the comment box below. Happy gaming!

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