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If you are one of those people who want to play good quality games but don’t want to spend all your data downloading it, then this article is for you. In this article, I have listed down the best Android games under 100MB size. The games on this list are not only good in graphics but also gives you a great experience while playing these games.

As the Android gaming platform is in the rise, we can see many popular gaming titles making their way into the Play Store. But, these games are either too big in size (mostly above 500mb) or they are too hard to master. One or the other way many people are casual gamers as well and they don’t want to spend most of their data on downloading the games. This article is for the above type of people and also for those people who are searching for the best game titles under 100MB on the Android Play Store. Let us get straight into the article;

Best Android Games Under 100MB Size

Note that this list comprises of the best game in that particular genre according to my opinion. I have played and found these games are the best in their category and also they are 100 or less than 100MB in size. Below is the list of the games;

1. Asphalt Nitro

Well without a doubt this needs to be in this list. A popular gaming title Asphalt developed by Gameloft is a very good game under 100Mb. Moreover, its installation file is less than 40MB which is crazy! This game gives you all the adrenaline pumping events and races that you can think of in a Gameloft racing game. There are many great speed machines to play with like the Lamborgini, Ferrari, and more. The graphics are outstanding for such a low size game and comparing with its bigger brothers like Asphalt 9 and 8 would be totally wrong.

There are several modes to play like the multiplayer mode, the classic race mode, gate drift, knockdown, and more. There are a total of 8 different game modes. Besides, there is the classic Police Chase mode. In my opinion, it is the lighter version of Asphalt 8 which is the best fit for all the lower end smartphones as well.

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2. Subway Surfers

I guess if you look at the most downloaded games on Android, it would be Subway Surfers. This game is the best game for casual as well as hardcore mobile game lovers. It is fun, intuitive, has simple controls but is tough to master as the game progresses. The game changes its theme based on the different countries and you can get many updates related to this game. The game is based around the railway tracks and you to escape from the hands of a grumpy inspector.

I like how this casual game has reached a new high on the Play Store and is still one of the best go to games to kill your free time. The graphics of the game is of good quality and you get a lot of powerups while you play the game. Moreover, the game is quite colorful and get you in a fun and addictive mood right from the start.

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3. Angry Birds Friends

This is another popular title from the house of Rovio Entertainment Corporation. There are many other several other games under the Angry Birds title,  but this is the lowest size Angry Birds game you can find on the Play Store. The classic pig-popping, birds throwing game is great in graphics and has simple controls. You just need to aim for the pigs and eliminate them from the limited number of burds you have as shots. There are a lot of online tournaments and levels every week to play.

There are a lot of powerups and in-game purchases that can give you a head start. The basic game comprises of 6 levels, themed tournaments and a multiplayer mode to compete with your friends.

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4. Range Master Sniper Academy

If you love shooting games, mainly sniping your targets from a hideout, then the Range Master Sniper Academy is the one for you. I myself love playing shooting games. The game offers brilliant environments with great graphics and has 3 different weapon category to choose from. You get a total of 30 weapons to choose from and 100+ weapon upgrades.

Range Master sniper academy

The game consists of easy controls and intuitive gameplay. It has 15 different sceneries where you can master your sniping prowess. Moreover, there are many game modes to play from daily, an online multiplayer mode to challenge your friends, and a training mode to master the skills.

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5. Vector

Vector is the most simple yet fun runner game that is available on the Play Store which is less than 100MB in size. All you need to do is run, slide, vault, and climb your way to the target to complete the mission. The game graphics are simple yet good quality and consists of 20 challenging levels. If you want more levels, then you need to install the deluxe version of the game that has a total of 40 levels.

The game is easy to play but as the level progresses it becomes hard. This also gets you in the groove and keeps you engaged for quite some time. Overall, a great free runner game under 100MB size to kill some free time.

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So there you have it from my side in this article. I have tried to list down the games under 100MB that I have played and liked. Obviously, there are other games as well under 100MB, but these titles are popular, good in graphics and something I play myself. Please let us know in the comments below if you find this article interesting or you have any other game that is under 100MB, which you want to feature in this list.

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