Arch Linux Vs Manjaro

Arch Linux and Manjaro are very similar distributions. Manjaro is better for bignners as it comes with preconfigured desktop environment while if you know how to customize and configure Arch Linux then you can go for it.

Today in this article I will discuss the differences between Arch Linux and Manjaro.

Arch Linux

Arch Linux is one of the most popular Linux distributions with main focus on customizability rather than user-friendliness. It uses a rolling release model which means there is no major release of a new version instead a regular update is sufficient to obtain the latest Arch software.

Pacman is a package manager that is developed specifically for Arch Linux and is used for the installation, removal, and up-gradation of packages in Arch Linux. ArchWiki is a comprehensive documentation of Arch Linux, which is useful for other distributions as well.


manjaro deepin

Manjaro is a free, open-source Linux distribution based on Arch Linux. It focuses on user-friendliness, accessibility, and performance.

It comes with pre-installed software to work out of the box. Manjaro uses the Pacman package manager for the operations such as installation, removal, and up-gradation of software packages.

You can download it with your favorite desktop environment which includes Xfce, KDE, GNOME, Deepin etc. You can easily install the required software for your programming needs. Also, the Manjaro community is quite active to help users when needed.

If you are seeking an alternative to Arch Linux then you can use Manjaro will be the best option.

Arch Linux Vs Manjaro : A detailed comparison

The following table shows the difference between Arch Linux and Manjaro distributions.

Closing Thoughts

From the above comparison, we can conclude that Manjaro focuses on user freindliness while Arch Linux focuses on customizability. So Manjaro is suitable for new users.

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