Android 10 Update Released, LineageOS 17 may come soon

Android 10 update which is the latest version, finally released to public on September 3rd, 2019. Android 10 first BETA was released on March 2019 where we had reported about some of the cool new features, such as: built in screen recorder, Dark theme etc.

[su_note note_color=”#D8F1C6″ text_color=”#769958″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]As expected, some of the unofficial LineageOS 17 builds have arrived which is based on Android 10. Visit the following LineageOS 17 link to get download links and update guides.[/su_note]

Android 10 update for Google Pixel

Well, there are many features added since the Android 10 BETA 1 and some of the features have been removed such as built in screen recorder and probably more. Since the Android 10 BETA 1 release, the theming setting under Developer Options now have more Accent color and one more icon shape.

With this update Android has ditched the alphabetic naming convention for numbering scheme just like the Android 10 and not Android Q and so on. Probably this will bring a full stop to the weird desert or pastries names which might not be known to the whole world.

Android 10 and LineageOS 17

Notable features of Android 10 Update:

Android 10 is a major release with some all new extra features and some are just enhanced from older Android updates. A lot of visual enhancements, better security and privacy management, system wide dark theme, updated gesture control, chat head like bubbles for app notifications, wifi connection sharing using QR code, and of course more teeny-tiny updates.

Following are some of the key features of this latest Android 10 update:

  1. Native system-wide dark theme which can be enabled by enabling battery saver mode.
  2. Live caption feature (under accessibility settings) captions the audio or video automatically.
  3. Smart reply can analyze the message and suggest few options to execute based on the message content.
  4. HEIF/HEIC image format support, dynamic depth information etc. features on Google Camera app on Android 10.
  5. Pause notifications for individual app.
  6. Better sharing interface which gives a glimpse of what is being shared.
  7. New and colorful icons.
  8. System wide coloring options and different icon shapes.
  9. Dedicated app permission menu under settings.
  10. Faster security updates.

Well, the list will go on as there are many teeny-tiny updates on different areas in the whole system as well as some of the Google apps.

Android 10 Update for Newer Devices:

After 6 beta release, Android 10 update was released on September 3rd, 2019 for Google Pixel devices and Essential phone. Most likely OEMs will push the latest Android 10 for their flagship devices as early as possible. As always, there is no ETA as of now but probably I will make a list or tracker for Android 10 update and add expected date as per official announcements if any.

Android 10 Update for Older Devices:

Android being an open source OS platform has grown drastically as it is available to every developer. Not just Android but the custom ROM developers have also got attention for the same.

LineageOS is one of the leading custom ROM developer followed by Resurrection remix, Pixel experience ROM etc. has always brought the latest Android update to legacy Android devices.

For example, Android Pie based LineageOS 16, Resurrection Remix Pie has been brought to many age old devices.

Similarly, LineageOS 17 including other custom ROMs may bring the Android 10 experience to a larger set of older Android devices.

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