AICP 12.1 Nougat ROM Devices List

Here comes a big collection of AICP Nougat ROMs available for various devices, just like the Lineage 14.1 Nougat ROMs list, RR (Resurrection Remix) Nougat ROMs list, Official CM14.1 and unofficial CM14.1 ROMs list.

AICP 12.1 Nougat ROM Devices List
AICP 12.1 Nougat ROM Devices List

AICP stands for Android Ice Cold Project which was earlier based on AOKP ROMs and now is based on CyanogenMod sources or eventually Lineage sources as you all know that CyanogenMod will continue as Lineage OS. Unlike CYanogenMod/Lineage OS or Android, the versioning of AICP ROM is not straight forward. The Android Nougat version on AICP is AICP 12/12.1 ROM. Yeah I know the versioning of AICP is confusing but we are here to clear all of the confusion by maintaining a list of all available AICP Nougat ROMs. This is important because you must know which Android version of AICP ROM you are downloading for your phone, isn’t it !!

Add-on links required after flashing AICP 12/12.1 Android Nougat ROM:

As always the AICP 12/12.1 ROM does not come with pre-installed GApps (Google Applications) because of Copyright issues, so, you need an extra Android Nougat GApps.

Also, AICP 12/12.1 does not come with built-in supersu or su binary for ROOT, hence you need and AICP 12/12.1 ROOT binary to be flashed after the AICP 12/12.1 (Android Nougat) ROM flashing. Link will be updated for AICP 12/12.1 rooting guide.

In addition, almost all of the Android phones come with bootloader unlocked and a stock Android recovery. So, you may need the following too:
How to unlock botloader on an Android Phone
TWRP recovery download link for your Android Phone

Alternative custom ROMs to try:

What if your device does not have the AICP 12/12.1 Nougat ROM in the list? Well, it is possible that the ROM is not yet available or it’s just missing from our list. You can search for other Android Nougat or Oreo based ROMs list to find your device.

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Android Nougat ROMs list:

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This page is dedicated to maintain the available AICP 12.1 Nougat ROMs available till date. It’s been a quarter since the Android Nougat code is released but we are late to collect all of the AICP ROMs list. As per a saying: It is better late than never, here goes the list …


Google devices list of AICP 12.1 Nougat ROM Updates

Nexus 5 (hammerhead) Nexus 5 AICP 12.1 Nougat ROM


OnePlus devices list of AICP 12.1 Nougat ROM Updates

Oneplus 2 (plutonium) OnePlus 2 AICP 12.1 Nougat ROM
Oneplus 3 (rain) OnePlus 3 AICP 12.1 Nougat ROM


Samsung devices list of AICP 12.1 Nougat ROM Updates

Galaxy S3 (i9300) Galaxy S3 AICP 12.1 Nougat ROM
Galaxy S5 (klte) Galaxy S5 AICP 12.1 Nougat ROM

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