Best 120 Hz Games for Android to try out in 2020! ft. Poco X2

While there has been a plummet in the release of smartphones with high refresh rate displays, most people aren’t using them to their fullest potential. It’s true that things like scrolling and navigating between apps on a 120 Hz or 90 Hz display is in itself a great feeling, there’s much more in store for you to enjoy with. I have discovered some of the best 120 Hz Games for Android that I could find on the Play Store, and here are the top 5! You can also view our video coverage on the same for a better look at all the games.

[su_note note_color=”#FBF4DD” text_color=”#A38C68″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]While all the games I will be talking about below support a refresh rate of 120 Hz, it is most likely you will find the frame rate dipping well below that threshold. This is largely due to the compatibility issues, as well as performance bottlenecks on the mid-range devices. Anyhow, you can expect a much smoother and buttery experience with these games on a higher refresh rate display, since anything above 60 FPS is quite noticeable to the naked eye. [/su_note]

What are the Best 120 Hz Games for Android in 2020?

I’ve tried 5 of the most intriguing titles that have 120 Hz support for Android on the Poco X2. Enjoy my collections!

Dead Trigger 2

120 Hz Android Games that you must try!
Dead Trigger 2 is a great zombie shooter game!

If you’re even remotely into Dead Trigger, you would know that it’s a classic. The second version of the game has actually been around for quite a while, and has over 50 million downloads. The core of the game is essentially a very predictable zombie apocalyptic feeling one, but the added 120 Hz support goes a long way. Since the game is pretty aged and the graphics aren’t exactly cutting edge, you can expect even the non-flagship 120 Hz phones to push this game pretty easily. I am not exactly a fan of zombie based games, but the insanely smooth gameplay and the choice of weapons kept me hooked to it. Definitely a must try if you like single-player shooting games. 

Alto’s Odyssey

120 Hz Android Games that you must try!
Alto’s Odyssey is one great 2D adventure

I might be biased since minimalism intrigues me, but Alto’s Odyssey is probably the best looking game on this list. The game follows a very beautifully laid out adventure cum mystery, with every level unlocking the secrets of the traveller. Easy to learn, difficult to master is the appropriate aphorism when it comes to Alto’s Odyssey. While the majority of the game revolves around single touch controls, as you advance through the levels, you start feeling the increased difficulty. I highly recommend you also use some sort of headphones while playing this game, as the audio packs quite the experience. Coming to the smoothness of the game, it has basically no 3D depth to process, and hence stays always locked at 120 Hz. 


120 Hz Android Games that you must try 3
Grimvalor is a fast-paced RPG game that’ll get you addicted!

Grimvalor is the RPG high refresh rate game that you’ve been looking for. While it is largely of a hack and slash type, the entire game has a detailed dark themed story that keeps you well entertained. The controls are easy to understand, but the fast paced gameplay and increased difficulty as you proceed through levels create a great challenge. I was honestly amazed at how good some of the levels were designed. Grimvalor does indeed require a bit of skill and muscle memory to get through the never-ending enemies, but once you start playing the game, I’m sure you’ll be addicted to it just as much as I was. The final boss fights at the end of each chapter always keeps the game interesting and fun to play. 

Shadowgun Legends

120 Hz Android Games that you must try!
A good alternative to PUBG Mobile!

This one is for all the FPS fans out there. While PUBG Mobile might still take its time to support true 120 Hz on most compatible phones, Shadowgun Legends is a good alternative. It is a highly fast-paced and intense shooter game, with great graphics. Shadowgun Legends happens to be the work of the same studio that made Dead Trigger 2, and the gun mechanics are hence really polished. There are several co-op missions that you can play alongside your friends, or even join in player vs player arenas online. I see true potential with this game, and might even get addicted to it if I play it for any longer. 

Mortal Kombat

120 Hz Android Games that you must try!
A gruesome, yet amazing game for fighting fans

My last pick of the day probably needs no introduction to. Mortal Kombat has always had the reputation of being a gruesome, violent and disturbing game. And yet one cannot possibly deny its greatness. Mortal Kombat for mobile has a much simpler fighting simulation, which heavily depends on taps, boosts and swipes. However the graphic quality is just next level, and on a high refresh rate display, you really feel immersed into the game. It has the usual 3v3 combat style, where you can play with 3 different characters and use their abilities to your advantage. Overall, there’s not much to talk about a game as graphically intensive and intriguing to play. 

That’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed my list of some of the best 120 Hz Games for Android! If you have any more good suggestions, do let me know in the comments down below!

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