What is Hacking? Explain White, Black and Grey Hat Hacking?

Hacking is the act of gaining access to a computer system or network by breaching defenses and exploiting weaknesses. A person or group who performs this activity is known as a hacker. Hackers use various tools and techniques to perform hacking.

There could be various reasons why hackers perform hacking some of them are gathering information, gaining profit from the data, protesting, finding security loopholes in a system, etc.

Hacking is performed for activities like finding the security loopholes in a system or network by taking the permission of the owner is legal however in most cases it is illegal.

Types of Computer Hacking/Hackers


The hacker can be categorized into various categories. Major types of hacking/hackers are discussed below.

White Hat Hacking

White hat hacking or ethical hacking is a type of hacking that is generally performed to identify the vulnerabilities of a system or network under the consent of the owner. This can help organizations or businesses in strengthening their security policies.

A person or professional who performs this type of hacking is known as a white-hat hacker or ethical hacker.

Black Hat Hacking

Black hat hacking is a type of hacking where hackers perform hacking on a system or network with wrong intentions. They violate cyber laws, confidentiality, integrity, or availability of an organization’s systems and data.

Black hat hackers are also called crackers break computer security for their own personal profit or out of malice.

Grey Hat Hacking

Grey hat hacking is the type of hacking where the hacker sometimes violates laws and typical ethical standards but usually doesn’t have the malicious intent like a black hat hacker.

They usually don’t take the owner’s consent for hacking and find vulnerabilities in the system. But once they get into the system they report system weaknesses to their owner.

Some other types of hackers are –

Green hat hackers – These are hackers in training, intently they are focused on learning how a cyberattack is performed.

Script kiddies – These hackers use scripts written by other hackers to perform a cyber attack

Red hat hackers – These hackers are hired by government agencies to spot weaknesses in the security system with a specific focus on finding and disarming black hat hackers.

State/Nation sponsored hackers – These hackers are funded by a state or nation to monitor and prevent international threats.

Hacktivist – A hacktivist hacks into government systems and networks to draw attention to a political or social cause.

Malicious insider – These hackers hack the systems of an organization to expose or exploit an organization’s confidential information

Botnet hackers – These hackers create bots to perform high-volume attacks on systems and networks


So here you have learned what is hacking and its different types. Now if you have a query or feedback then write us in the comments below.

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