UMix 20.10

UMix 20.10 and refreshed images for UMix 20.04 are now available.

What’s New

Calamares + Ubiquity

The ISO now includes Calamares in addition to the default Ubuntu installer (Ubiquity). You can use either of them to install the system.

Calamares is a distribution-independent system installer, with advanced options for both manual and automated partitioning.


The bright-purple folder icons from Yaru theme have been replaced with dark-brown icons from the Yaru-Colors project.

There are now separate dark and light icon themes. The dark theme should be used with a dark status panel. The light theme should be used with a light status panel.

Icon ThemeDescription
Umix-yaru-darkYaru icons + Light status icons (for dark status panel)
Umix-yaru-lightYaru icons + Dark status icons (for light status panel)
Umix-suru-dark (default)Yaru icons + Suru app icons + Light status icons (for dark status panel)
Umix-suru-lightYaru icons + Suru app icons + Dark status icons (for light status panel)

MATE desktop uses Adwaita-dark with Materia for window borders. Some changes have been made to Materia to improve the look.

Dialog windows now have a Close button which was missing in Materia.

Buttons for maximized windows have been updated for a better look.

There are 2 themes – Umix-MATE-Dark and Umix-MATE-light – for switching between light and dark themes on MATE desktop.

Notification indicator was added to Unity desktop.

Run Live System from RAM

There’s a new boot option to load Live system to RAM. This will copy entire live system to memory and boot from it. This option improves performance and removes dependency on USB drive. You can unplug the USB drive after system has booted to desktop.

You can even write the ISO to a USB drive using Etcher, boot it using “Run from RAM” option, and then proceed to install the system on same USB drive that was used for booting it.

New Packages In Repository

Following packages were added to UMix repository and can be installed with apt-get install .

Welcome App Improvements

More apps were added to UMix welcome app.

  • Messaging – Franz, Zoom
  • Office – Abiword, SoftMaker Office 2021, OpenOffice

A new tab was added for changing the default LightDM greeter.

There’s a new option to set display resolution for login screen. If you have a 4K monitor and things look tiny on your login screen – select 1080p or a lower resolution from drop-down and click Apply.

There’s a new option for automatic login. Select any user from drop-down and click Apply. The selected user will be logged-in automatically when you start your computer.

Adwaita Theme for Qt Apps

Adwaita-qt is installed by default. You can change themes for Qt5 applications using the Qt5 Settings app in Application Menu. Default theme for Qt5 applications is set to Adwaita (light theme).

ISO Editions

Following ISO images are available for download:

UMix 20.04 – Based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (Focal Fossa)

umix-focal-unity-mini-2020-10-24.isoUnity 7Minimal1.1 GB
umix-focal-unity-full-2020-10-24.isoUnity 7Full1.7 GB
umix-focal-mate-mini-2020-10-24.isoMATEMinimal1.1 GB
umix-focal-mate-full-2020-10-24.isoMATEFull1.7 GB

UMix 20.10 – Based on Ubuntu 20.10 (Groovy Gorilla)

umix-groovy-unity-mini-2020-10-24.isoUnity 7Minimal1.1 GB
umix-groovy-unity-full-2020-10-24.isoUnity 7Full1.7 GB
umix-groovy-mate-mini-2020-10-24.isoMATEMinimal1.2 GB
umix-groovy-mate-full-2020-10-24.isoMATEFull1.7 GB

UMix is available with 2 desktop options – Unity 7 and MATE. Unity 7 is the recommended desktop. MATE provides an alternative option. Each desktop is available in 2 variants – “full” and “mini”.

The “full” ISO provides a complete system with all popular software preinstalled. This ISO is recommended for most users. It includes popular applications for common tasks – such as LibreOffice for editing documents, GIMP for editing images, Shutter for capturing screenshots, and so on.

The “mini” ISO provides a minimal desktop with basic system tools and accessories. It doesn’t include anything extra – not even a web browser, media player, Ubuntu Software Center, Snap or Flatpak support. You have to install required software using apt after installing the system. Synaptic is included for installing packages from GUI. You can also use UMix Welcome tool to install Google Chrome and other apps of your choice.


A subscription needs to be purchased for downloading UMix. This is a lifetime subscription that requires a one-time payment of $15. Once you make the payment you will be added to an email distribution list. When new ISOs are released in future, the download links will be sent by email to all subscribers on the list.

This fee pays for servers where downloads are hosted, and for time spent in creating these images. Downloads are hosted on fast servers with direct download links and no advertisements.

You can purchase a subscription from the link below:

Buy Subscription

If you have already purchased a subscription in the past, please check your Inbox for the email.



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