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Simulation games are one of the most expansive and intriguing game genres. You can play for very long hours as this game simulates a storyline. Simulation games are also one of the most popular genres because the controls are simple yet you have to get ahead according to the storyline of the game which keeps you engaged.  The games under this genre are pretty straightforward and you are just making a decision and push the story forward via your activity and choices within the game.

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There are a lot of simulation games available for you to play on the Play Store. To make your job easy, I have compiled this list of top 5 simulation games for Android in 2019. Let us get straight right into it;

Top 5 Simulation Games For Android in 2019

Note that these games are the best according to my opinion and I have played and tested these games to put them up in this list.

1. Fallout Shelter

A game that was one of the most popular games back in 2015 under the simulation category, Fallout Shelter is still good in its ways in 2019 as well. You have to build a vault, keep your dwellers happy, station them at jobs, help them lead a happy life, and more. This is overall a game where you have to manage all the other people life by maintaining your own. The most interesting part is that you have to build a number of rooms under an evacuation beneath the ground level.

There are tons of outfits, weapons, and training facilities to unlock within the game. You have to craft the junks into something worthy by training your craftsmen. Moreover, you also need to protect your vault from the post-nuclear life and search for other areas as well. Overall, a nice game to kill some heavy time that keeps you engaged with a lot of activities.

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2. SimCity BuildIt

This is a perfect simulation game that provides you to take control of very tasks that you would want while building and leading your city to a prosperous future. You can design, build, and create beautiful buildings, trade with other mayors, and keep your people happy. You can build parks, skyscrapers, factories and more. It allows you to expand your beach and add waterparks, or a luxury beachfront. I totally enjoyed this game though, the options within the app might me be a little cluttered.

You can go to club wars with fellow mayors and expand your region. Not only war, but you can also join hands with the fellow mayor to trade with supplies, chat about strategies to take on a bigger rival and more.

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3. Motorsport Manager Mobile 3

The Motorsport Manager Mobile 3 is a racing simulator and the best one I have played. However, you have to buy this game in order to play. This game gets very engaging as you have to build your motorsport team from scratch, build cars, assemble your team and race your way to the top. Moreover, you need to hire top drivers, or you can watch the race or simulate them in real-time. The graphic of the game is also nice and lets your play under different weather conditions.

You will get invited to international races, and world events to reach the top spot in the world of motor racing. The controls demand your attention and once you play for some time, you will definitely get a hang of it. A great game that I enjoyed playing.

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4. Soccer Manager 2019

Soccer Manager is an immersive sports manager game, that lets you dive into the world of soccer and manage your team way to the top. There are over 800 clubs from 33 countries worldwide and once you reach the top, you will manage one of the world’s top league team. You go through a transfer season that lets you recruit a new and strong player to your team to take on against the rivals and win the championships. The graphics are amazing and you are immersed in the 3D gameplay of your team.

You also take care of the training of your team and select the attributes you want the team to improve on. other features include tactical revamp, realistic transfer system, modern user interface. The controls of the game are also nice and let you take control of every detail possible within the game. There are some in-app purchases in order to boost your team.

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5. The Sims Mobile

One of the best real-life simulator available on the Play Store is The Sims Mobile. From the start, you take care of every detail about your appearance, clothing, hairstyle, more. You have to find a job, work, build your house, decorate your home, start a friendship with people, fall in love, get married and so on. Overall, it gives you complete control over the life of your Sim. Moreover, you can also connect with other real-time players to get invited to parties, events, and more.

You also get to choose your hobbies, create great recipes, and indulge in other household activities. The graphics are great and the controls are nice. Once you get a hang of this game, it will definitely become a part of your gaming. A nice game that lets you control everything of life in a game.

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There you have it in this article from my side. All the games have been tested and played by me, and I found these games to be the best one among the other I played. Moreover, you can also let us know in the comments if there are some other games that you want us to feature in this list.

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