[lubuntu] New to Lubuntu, question about docx and increasing size of things

Hello all! First of all, I am glad I finally got to have a Lubuntu partition on my pc. My intention is to primarly use it for university work and other important stuff. I am slowly learning new things (I installed it yesterday so I am a true beginner), but I have a pair of questions, the answer of which I struggle to find on the internet 1 about LibreOffice: I updated a curriculum vitae, the original file was docx, and Libreoffice saved it as a ODS or something. Is there a way to save it as a docx? Problem is not for me, just for those times I will have to send something to my university teacher, and I want to avoid compatibility issues with his corrections or something similar. Also, I use mendeley, I noticed it has a “Export MS Word Compatible”, but when I use it, I get an archive, not a wordfile. Finally about LibreOffice, I got stuck for a moment with the pdf export problem, I found a solution that, I think, downgraded Libreoffice (it was a sudo purge libreoffice thing), is it possible? The save windows for example was very different after the purge. 2 things are a little too small. Nothing terrible but expecially when clicking small icons, or write in small spaces is sometimes difficult. For some reason, firefox address bar is a little bigger and just fine. There are lots of settings to tweak in, where do I find those about the display? 3 I can’t wait to learn how to personalize everything, where should I start? :D Thank you for the future help, sorry if my post is not in the right place or if it is redundant

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