Idle Islands Empire Mod

🌴🏡City building & idle tycoon game! 🏝🥥
Welcome to the most exciting Idle Building – Simulator & Tycoon & Management game!
Are you ready to manage your own gold miner business and become the empire ruler?


🏖 Village Building 🌅
Build and develop your first Village. Upgrade, miner, collect, get rich and decorate.

👑 Strategy Games 💰
Each house generates coins. Go further and expand your empire to new islands. Fight sea monsters or go fishing. Conquer the ice miner land and go up in ranks.

🗺 Kingdom Builder 🏡
Explore Medieval islands. Hire managers to increase your miner skills and let them automatically gather resources.

⚓ Shipping Games 🛶
As an Idle Clicker Tycoon you understand the importance of trading, exploring and expanding. Use your flet to gather resources like wood, coins, steel or stone for your idle research and as building materials.

📈 Manage Economy 💸
Idle or Tap buildings to earn coins! Even if you are offline / at work/ learning/ sleeping, you still make idle miner gold coins.

☝️ Idle Clicker 💎 | Incremental Clicker
Do you like idle incremental miner, mine and building games? Tap on your buildings to get gold faster. The idle games offline tycoon. Research unique abilities, powerful rewards, new combat system and build town games offline.

What else?
🔋Portable No internet connection required, play games anytime, anywhere.
🆓FREE Just try this free Medieval building Game.
😌Relaxing Every minute spent on the Idle Island will make you more relaxed.

The Idle Clicker Tycoon awaits you! ;)

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