How to Reset Vesta Control Panel Admin’s Password?

Vesta control panel or VestaCP provides a web-based graphical user interface to manage a remote server. At the time of installation, it gives you a username and a password to log in and these are your default login credentials.

In this article, we will discuss different methods to reset the admin account password of the Vesta control panel.

Reset admin password in your terminal

If you have the access to the web interface of the vesta control panel then you can easily change the default password by editing a user. But what if you forgot your password and you do not have the access to the web interface then you can reset the password by using one of the given methods.

Method 1:

First login to your server through ssh and then run the following command –

v-change-user-password admin new_password

Replace the new_password with your own. Now try to log in with username admin and newly created password.

Method 2:

This method also requires you to log in to your server. Login via SSH and then run the following command –

sudo passwd admin

This will ask you to enter a new password for admin, enter the password. You need to confirm it by reentering the password.

Once it gets changed you can use the username and password to login into your account.


There may be some other ways that exist but the methods discussed here are the easiest ones. For further help, you can write to us in the comments below.

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