How to install Shutter in Ubuntu?

The Shutter is a feature-rich, free and open-source software for taking screenshots in a Linux system. Using this tool you can take screenshots of nearly anything on your screen also you can edit a screenshot quickly using a built-in editor.

In this article I will discuss how to install Shutter in Ubuntu.

Features of Shutter screenshot tool

The key features of the Shutter application are –

  • Free and opensource
  • Can be used through the command line
  • It can automatically resize a window
  • You can record a window using its name pattern
  • Provides built-in editor

How to install Shutter in Ubuntu

The installation of Shutter in Ubuntu is available through its official PPA repository. So first use the given command to add shutter’s PPA repository on your system.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:shutter/ppa

Refresh the apt pacakge repository –

sudo apt update

Finally use the given command to install Shutter on your system –

sudo apt install shutter

Press y and then enter when it ask for your confirmation.

Using Shutter screenshot tool in Ubuntu

Once the installation is completed you can launch Shutter by searching it in system application menu.

launch Shutter

You will see the user interface of this application as given in the image below.

GUI Shutter

Now you can take screenshots by clicking on Selection, Desktop, or Window options given on the UI. Also you can export the captured image in pdf or postscript formats.

Similarly you can explore other options given on the user interface of Shutter application.

The syntax of using shutter application in your terminal is given below-

shutter [options]

For example –

You can use the following shutter command to capture the whole screen –

shutter -f

For more information you can check man page of shutter command by using –

man shutter

man page shutter

Uninstall Shutter application in Ubuntu

For any reason if you want remove the shutter application from your system then you can do this by executing the given command –

sudo apt remove shutter


So I hope you have successfully installed Shutter on your Ubuntu system. Now if you have a query then write us in the comments below.

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