How To Download and Install Oracle VM VirtualBox on Windows

Oracle Virtualbox is a VM that provides a way to run Linux on Windows. I know many of you just wish how you could do that, right?

In this guide I am going to show you where to download and how to install VirtualBox on Windows.

Download VirtualBox for Windows

Visit the below link to get all available versions:
Download VirtualBox for Windows

Download the latest version from the list.
As of writing this guide, the latest version was: 6.1.18-142142

Install Oracle VM VirtualBox on Windows

Once you have downloaded the .exe file, go to the Downloads folder or the respective folder where you the file is downloaded.

Follow the below steps to install the application and get started:

  1. Double click on the executable file you have just downloaded (VirtualBox-6.1.18-142142-Win.exe).
  2. On the dialog box opened, clock on the Run button to allow the .exe file to run.

    run the virtual box .exe file

  3. On the next screen, click on Next to start the software installation process

    Click Next

  4. Then select which all modules you want to install and in which folder location on the disk you want to install the Oracle VirtualBox software

    Leave the installation setting to the default and proceed by clicking on the Next button.

    Slect  where to install VirtualBox

  5. When asked for the shortcut locations in the next screen just click on Next to proceed

    Shortcut locations

  6. To be able to provide networking access to the Virtual Machines (VM), Oracle VirtualBox will install some network drivers.
    This is REQUIRED if you want to allow internet or networking.

    Press Yes otherwise No as per your requirement

    During the installation process the network connection of your Windows PC will be RESET. If you are downloading something important, then STOP right here.
    You may proceed with the installation after you are done.

    Yes or no to install virtual network driver

  7. In the next dialog box click on Next to start the actual installation process

    start installation of Oracle VM VirtualBox

  8. During the installation process, it will install the USB driver interface to take over USB devices connected to the PC
    Allow access otherwise you will not be able to access any USB device on the VMs

    Click on Install to install these drivers otherwise Don't Install if you do not want.

    USB driver installation

  9. The final dialog box will appear once the installation is done. Click on the Finish button and click on the checkbox to start the VirtualBox

    Finish VirtualBox installation

That’s all on installing VirtualBox on Windows.

The primary purpose of installing the software is to run Linux, or any other OS on Windows, which I will guide you in separate relevant posts.

For your reference, you can refer this how to install FreeBSD using VirtualBox on Windows guide that I posted many years back.

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