How to fix ‘GC overhead limit exceeded’ error in Java?

In java, It is an error that is thrown by the Java virtual machine(JVM) as “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded” indicates that the application is spending more time(around 98% of the time) in the garbage collection (GC).

In this article, I will discuss how you can fix or prevent this error in your Java code.

What is the memory leak in Java?

A memory leak is a situation where unused objects occupy unnecessary space in memory. These unused objects are typically removed by the Java Garbage Collector (GC) but in cases where objects are still being referenced, they are not eligible to be removed.

The solution to GC overhead limit exceeded error

There are some useful tricks that can be used to prevent memory leakage in your program. So be careful about the following factors that can provide you help on this error:

  • You should identify the objects in your program that are taking large space in the heap area of JVM.
  • You should also identify where memory allocation on the heap is done, in all the places in your application.
  • Avoid creating a large number of temporary objects because these objects will increase the chances of memory leakage in your application.
  • You should also close every database connection in your application as PreparedStatement or resultSet and all sockets and keep one thing also you should make as null.

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