Xiaomi Mi NOTE 2 ROOT and TWRP recovery

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    Hey Man I have followed this guide Mi Note 2 Root Guide it works for me but i am not able to flash stock recovery now. What to do?

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    What error do you encounter while flashing back the stock recovery?

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    The Mi NOTE 2 was released a month back and today we have the Mi NOTE 2 ROOT and TWRP recovery for the same. This Mi NOTE 2 ROOT and TWRP recovery installation guide will open-up your device for beautiful Custom ROMs and other features that comes with rooting your Android. The TWRP recovery for the Mi NOTE 2 is built by developer AdamBs.

    Xiaomi Mi NOTE 2 ROOT and TWRP recovery

    Before starting this process please make sure that you have at least one hour of complete time. Please don’t do this in hurry, because I cannot be held responsible for any mistakes that YOU did.
    You are solely responsible for the changes that you are making. Neither me nor the developer is going to be held responsible for the disasters that happen to your phone.

    Before proceeding to root your device I want you to take a backup of all your current data.
    You may follow the following link to take backup all data from your android device:
    Step by step guide to take full backup of your phone data

    Required files for the Mi NOTE 2 ROOT and TWRP recovery installation guide:

    Latest SuperSu su binaries developed by Chainfire
    TWRP recovery and utilities
    TWRP recovery and utilities MIRROR LINK

    You have to unzip the utility package (FastBoot.[hermes].TWRP. that you have downloaded. The utility package is prepared by AdamBs and he has organized it in a very well manner. The TWRP image resides in Fastboot directory, which you may use if you have ADB and USB driver already loaded.

    Don’t change the directory name or any other directory name after unzip, otherwise the batch script may not work as expected.

    Flashing TWRP on Mi NOTE 2:

    STEP 1:

    Go to the “USB VCOM – Drivers” directory and install the USB drivers for your phone. For a 64-bit Windows OS run the installdrv64.exe file and for 32-bit machine run the InstallDriver.exe file.

    Also install the universal adb binaries on your PC. Go to the “ADB – Drivers” directory and run the executable file.

    STEP 2:

    Enable Developer Options by tapping 7 times on the About Phone option in the Settings menu. Then go to Settings > Developer options and enable the Android Debugging option.

    You need to enable this only if you are planning to install recovery using a PC. Other wise you can SKIP this for a while. But I will strongly recommend you to enable this option, because this may help you recover your phone if something wrong happens.

    STEP 3:

    Put your phone into fastboot mode by following any of the following procedures.

    If you are on a PC then open a command console and enter the following command:

    $ adb reboot bootloader

    Else Turn off your phone, Hold power button and volume down (-) to enter into the fastboot mode. Then run the windows batch script to flash the recovery image.

    After successful completion of the script execution reboot your phone.

    Mi NOTE 2 ROOT guide:

    Rooting guide will only work after TWRP custom recovery installation.
    If you will SKIP the TWRP recovery installation process and perform only these steps then rooting will not be done.

    Rooting with the inbuilt binary of TWRP:

    On first load TWRP will ask if you want to modify the partitions.

    This will allow you to root but will remove OTA abilities. Use this only if you are on MIUI 6 ROMs as MIUI 7 that already has root.


    STEP 1:

    Copy the SuperSu zip file that you have downloaded from the above link.

    STEP 2:

    Type the following command in the console to enter into recovery:

    $ adb reboot recovery

    Else Turn off your phone, Hold power button and volume plus (+) to enter into the recovery mode.

    STEP 3:

    Touch on the “Install software” button and then “Select a zip file to install” option on the TWRP recovery’s home screen.
    Select the SuperSu binary zip file where you have kept in the phone.
    Now, slide the button on the bottom to start the flashing procedure.

    After successfully completing all the above mentioned steps your device will be rooted and you can now enjoy all that extra features that comes with ROOTing.


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