Which method to install weekly updates of LineageOS?

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    my S5+ shows me the weekly updates from lineageos 14.1 and after downloading it gives me chance to install it directly from the button. Would this be o.k. without wiping data partition ? Or does the update automatically wipe data ?
    What problems could occur when updating without wiping data?

    Update done, all apps working so far.
    Near by the connected blutooth device symbol now appears a vertical bar: is it charging level of the device or connection quality? It seems to be the charging level, which should normally not function under stock android systems.
    That would be a great achievement, very well done. Also switching off and on blutooth failure is gone (after switching on new starting system had to be done).

    Could anyone give me a short answer?
    Best greetings and so forth with your great work.

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