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    I had an “XXXX” that ran for a long time with the original cyanogen from Whilefox and was pretty happy with it.
    Unfortunately, I did the “update” to Androrid 7.1 a few weeks ago, but that’s another story.

    Recently my device broke and Whilefox sent me a “Swift 2 X” as a replacement device. This already comes with Android 7.1 :-(

    I’d like to do run it with Lineageos now. But i can’t find any information about the “Swift 2 X

    Which ROM can I use for this? In the devicelists (e. g. http://cyanogenmods.org/lineage-os-15-rom-devices-list/) I only found “Wileyfox Swift”. Can I take that?

    Im not a Programmer (or something like that), so I’m searching for a stabel version.
    Thanks in advance


    No, you can’t install the Wilefox Swift LineageOS 15 on the Swift 2 X because there are a lot of hardware differences.

    I will update the list the moment there will be a LineageOS 15 for Swift 2 X available.
    Meanwhile, you can subscribe the page or you can visit the page frequently for updates.


    Hello shibaa987,
    thanks for the fast reply. So guess i can’t use the 14.1 ROM for the SWIFT 2, right?
    I would also be satisfied with a working & stable 14.1.
    Best wishes

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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