Sony Tablet Z (SGP311)-Offline charge

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    After flash this ROM on my sony tablet z (pollux_windy SGP311), with previous android 5.1 and dual recovery, i was impressed with the quality and performance from my tablet.It’s everything working on perfection, but i have a problem cannot solve and i lost many hours to work with kernels, extractions, boot images, etc. The problem is the offline charge.When turn off the tablet and connect to charge, the tablet boots itself.If i look to led notifications, the sequence is that:
    1-Connect charge (red led)
    2-The led remains red and logo sony xperia appears
    3-The led change to violet (like when enter in TWRP)
    4-Led turn yellow and tablet boots.
    After read articles about the structure of original tft files from sony and the actual zip from Lineage i see a boot.img and not a kernel.sin or else, the all structure of files and mount are diferent.If you have a tip i apreciate. Best Regards.Thank you. Antonio Dinis from Portugal.

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