SM-N900A questions.

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    <p lang=”zxx”>Excuse if this question appears some where else. I thought I posted this but then although the forum says was last update my myself I cannot find my post and it is not listed in my subscriptions. I find some aspects of this forum confusing.</p>
    <p lang=”zxx”>Also when I scrolled down through the alphabetical list of devices I did not even see a section for Samsung?</p>
    <p lang=”zxx”>———-</p>
    <p lang=”zxx”>Is there an issue with locked bootloader when installing Lineage on a Samsung Note 3?</p>
    <p lang=”zxx”>I have read several posts that suggest no one has been able to unlock their bootloaders and have been advised regarding other MODS that basically my phone cannot be modded.</p>
    <p lang=”zxx”>This is a spare phone not on any network as of this time. I am free to experiment.</p>
    <p lang=”zxx”>But your site suggests otherwise so excuse my confusion.</p>
    <p lang=”zxx”>SM-N900A</p>
    <p lang=”zxx”>Android 4.4.2</p>
    <p lang=”zxx”>Bootloader: N900AUCUNC2</p>
    <p lang=”zxx”>Any advice most welcome.</p>

    Linux User

    Question” why does this forum display all the HTML codes in my post?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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