Newbie’s guide: How to Flash a Custom ROM on Xperia Z

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    Warning: If you flash ROM first time do it at your own risk, You may brick device.
    Before resuming remember these things:
    – You can’t restore TA codes on a custom ROM, TA codes only work on Stock ROMs, So if you ever reflash Stock ROM you can restore them.
    – If you’re Windows 8/8.1 or 10 User this Tutorial won’t work for you as long as you’ve done This  tutorial
    – Read everything Carefully, I wish you Good Luck.

    • 1.0 – Backing up TA Codes

    – First you need an unlocked bootloader, But before unlocking it you have to backup DRM keys (Optional)
    DRM Keys (TA Codes) are used for:
    – Mobile Bravia Engine 2 on the device
    – HDR support in the Camera
    – Audio Quality and other stuff
    If you unlock bootloader without backing it up you will lose TA codes forever and it can’t be found anywhere.
    – Download KingoRoot, Root your device with One-Click-Root and then Download Backup-TA Program from Here

    • 1.1 – Unlock Bootloader

    – After you’ve done that, Unlock your bootloader from Here

    • 1.2 – Preparing Drivers

    – After you unlock your bootloader Install Sony Flashtool from Here
    – Go to Flashtool Folder then go Drivers folder and select Flashtool-drivers.exe
    Check the Fastboot and Flashmode drivers then Scrool down and find Xperia Z SO-02E drivers, Check it and Install them.

    • 1.3 – Installing ADB

    – Now it’s time to download ADB 15 Seconds Installer from Here
    Follow the instructions in the program and Install ADB/Fastboott drivers, then locate “C:/adb” folder and open it.
    – Download Latest TWRP 3.1.1 from Here and move into adb folder located in “C:/adb
    – Rename TWRP 3.1.1 file to twrp
    – As long as you can’t flash TWRP directly as Recovery you must flash it as boot, Your ROM won’t start again so back up
    everything before restarting to Fastboot!
    – After you back up everything just enable USB debugging in your phone (go Settings/About and press Build Number couple
    – Press Back button and go to Developer Settings and find USB Debugging, Enable it.
    – Now go to “C:/adb” and press and hold SHIFT, Then press RMB (Right Mouse Button) and press open command window here.
    – Congratulations! Now you’re in adb.

    • 1.4 – Flashing TWRP

    – Write next ADB Commands:
    adb devices (so you will check your device is detected by ADB or not, If adb shows any number row and then DEVICE its okay, If it doesn’t then just write):
    adb reboot bootloader (Look at your phone and give permissions of USB Debugging to PC, If phone reboots it means you’ve done everything correctly, If it doesn’t then you did something wrong!)
    – Well if the phone rebooted you will see blue led in the top of your phone, That means you’re in a bootloader!
    Write next commands:
    fastboot devices (And check your device is detected by fastboot or not, same thing it will show number row and then FASTBOOT, So you did everything correctly, If it doesn’t check your installed drivers, You may have little update from
    Device Manager so comment down below, If drivers are installed wrong and you don’t see device number and FASTBOOT just restart phone and wait for the answer in the comments)
    – If you see your device number and FASTBOOT enter next commands:
    fastboot flash boot twrp.img
    – After you’ve done that and you see that it has flashed without any Errors write next command:
    fastboot reboot
    – Now you’re in TWRP recovery, Congratulations !!

    • 1.5 – CleanFlashing ROM

    – If you backed up everything just see if your computer detects your phone’s MTP (file transfer)
    Go to My Computer/Xperia Z and see is there Internal Storage or not
    – If There is any Storage that’s good so make a Fully Clear Install
    – Go back in the main menu of TWRP press Wipe, Advanced Wipe and check: Data, Cache, Dalvik Cache, System and Internal Storage, Then Swipe to Wipe.
    – After you successfuly wiped your phone go back to the main menu of TWRP, Enter your internal storage folder from your PC and move the ROM, GAPPS and ROOTKIT there.
    – After that Press Install, You’ll see files in the TWRP so press ROM file and Swipe to flash.
    – Then go back (Don’t Reboot) and press GAPPS file, flash it as you flashed the ROM.
    – Go back again and flash ROOTKIT but when it’s finished just press wipe dalvik cache and swipe to wipe it!
    – After you’ve done that press Reboot phone.
    – Congratulations!! Wait for 10 minute to boot and enjoy your new Android 8.0.0 Oreo!

    • 1.0-2 – Troubleshooting

    – If you want to install any other Custom ROMs just resume this tutorial from ADB (adb reboot bootloader) And do the same.
    – If ROM doesn’t boot up that means you did something incorrectly, So you have to do next steps:
    Long Press Power Button and Volume UP, After it vibrates it will vibrate three more times and then release so your phone will shut down. Get your USB Cable which’s connected to PC and hold Volume UP, then connect USB Cable into phone
    – You’re in a fastboot, resume tutorial from (fastboot flash boot twrp.img)
    – If you flashed ROM again and still doesn’t work change your gapps version and download gApps-Pico
    – Then it will work 100%, Or you can flash LineageOS14.1 and wait for Stable Oreo build.
    – Thank you for attention, do it at your own risk and good luck.
    Author: #iLiKo (MrDope)

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