MT6580 Tablet – Help Needed Please!


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    hi Guys,

    I have a MT6580 tablet which I bought from China; tldr its fake ware os on it and I need a clean os to make this usable.

    It is 1280×800 resolution and everything else seems standard.

    Would in theory any MT6580 ROM work with this device ?

    Is it easy to modify ROMs(I am a pro programmer), if I cant just use one ?

    Or is there a ROM already I can use which is tailored to this/maybe someone else has had same kind of device they want flashed?

    Thanks for your time guys, I am new to Android ecosystem any help would be appreciated.



    Hi @gavin_burns

    Can you give more information of the tablet such as the following details:
    – Chipset
    – RAM
    – Internal storage
    – Camera (Front and back)
    – 3G or LTE or Wifi only

    Lets see if there are some ROMs available for this device!

    Linux User

    One problem is that the OS has been hacked to give a fake report about the RAM/screen res etc so its difficult to be 100% sure on this, but my experiments show:


    MT6580 SOC: I dont know where to find more info on the chipset or what other info is needed; im running CPU info

    1280×800 Screen Resolution

    1GB RAM – Just by experimenting – system reports differently(hacked os)

    16GB storage is my best guess.  The storage is reported wrongly by hacked OS.  I have access to about 10GB before device stops accepting data.

    Camera Front:3120×4160
    Camera Rear:1920×2560
    This is based upon images I captured.
    Camera I never use and dont care about unless it is important for build to work.

    Wifi, 3G and Bluetooth.  I doubt it has anything more sophisticated.


    One of my biggest concerns is in case something more nasty than just faked numbers is lurking in this OS.  For me to use this tablet a lot of mission critical info needs to be on it and if it gets stolen that will be a disaster.

    Any help getting a ROM for this would be great; I dont necessarily need everything working, just screen+sound+wifi on a clean os would be a big step up.

    *I already have root on the device, just need the ROM

    Thanks for all your help guys, @siba especially


    Linux User

    IF I installed a generic MT6580 ROM for another device would it work? Would the OS be smart enough to work out screen size etc?

    I would guess device drivers would be similar if its the same chipset also?

    Is there a real difference between these builds for MT6580 phones and this tablet ?

    How would one go about creating a new build if these differences are critical?



    You can try some ROM made for MT6580 on your device.

    But make sure you keep a backup of all of the partitions on your device. THIS IS IMPORTANT.
    Even if something does not work, you can flash the backup and get back to the original state.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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