Lenovo K5 blocked – Encrytion Unsuccessful ?!

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    My phone is blocked. What ? Yes, and really impossible to do something.

    I bought a new Lenovo K5 A6020a40.

    I  rooted it (with SuperSU), and installed TWRP twrp-k5-3.0.2-r4_scritch007.img

    Then I installed Cyanogenmod 14 (cm-14.1-20161213-UNOFFICIAL-A6020.zip), and it was ok.

    But I forgot to install Gapp, and to be clean, I thinked it was better to do a new install from scratch.

    So I install the last version of TWPR twrp-k5-3.0.3-n1_shreps.img, and wipe the phone, then TWPR propose to reboot. I don’t know why but I say yes, and since them my phone block to the Cyanogenmod 14 intro screen : “Preparing to start… Starting apps…”


    After more than 5 hours a message appears: “Encryption unsuccessful” (img1). But I never asked to encrypt my phone!

    So I click on reset (the only choice), the TWPR screen appears (img2), and automatically “Running OpenRecoveryScript” is launched. Apparently wipe and format again (img3).

    The K5 reboot, and again Cyanogenmod 14 intro screen : “Preparing to start… Starting apps…”

    If I press volume up + power button together, the phone stay on the first Lenovo screen (with the Lenovo logo only).


    So, before I lost my mind, if someone have an idea, it would be really really appreciated.

    Thank you and have a nice day.


    images 1,2, 3 are here : http://gofile.me/6rPaC/sU5nQdBmj

    Linux User

    The phone is stuck at Lenovo logo because I think there is nothing in the boot partition or system partition to run the phone or precisely execute from.

    I suggest you to re-install the twrp-k5-3.0.2-r4_scritch007.img and flash any of the ROM once again:
    Either the Lineage 14.1 ROM: https://cyanogenmods.org/forums/topic/lenovo-vibe-k5-plus-lineage-14-1-nougat-7-1-rom/
    or the CM14.1 ROM: https://cyanogenmods.org/forums/topic/vibe-k5-plus-k5-cm14-cyanogenmod-14-nougat-7-0-rom/

    Make sure to clean everything before flashing any of the ROM.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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