I updated nightly 14.1 from having 13.0 – problems with Gapps

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    probably my mistake i didn’t read what version this nightly had, but after updating i get google play stopped workin etc. And i couldn’t even start google play store, Viber wasn’t working properly and so on. So i did nano gapps for Nugat update but that didn’t help much. I can now start google play store, but most of my old apps wouldn’t work. I had mtoken app which was for my bank account, data is all wrong now, is there a way i could repair this so that my mtoken app works or i have to do a clean reinstall of Nugat?

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    It looks like you have done a dirty flash on top of CyanogenMod 13 Marshmallow ROM, please correct me if I am wrong. Always remember to go for a clean flash when updating from a major version like from CM13 to CM14.

    Anyway, as you are up and running on CM14 ROM, make sure to update the apps which shows force close. Regarding the mtoken app, you can clear data of the app or you can uninstall and re-install the app. As far as I know, all the banking apps keep the data on their server and nothing really stays locally.

    On the GApps: Nano Nougat GApps just contains basic play store and google play service to run the play store through which you can update other google apps. So, to run all other GApps smoothly you need to update some bigger Nougat Gapps like Mini GApps or full GApps.

    At last, if nothing works then do the following:

    1. Take a complete backup
    2. Clean/wipe data
    3. Flash the CM14.1 ROM
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    Thanks for your answer,

    yes i had some nightly version of cm13, as always from time to time i went to update cyanogen, i was offered 3 new nighlty version so i downloaded the latest and updated. Wasn’t even looking what the version said. They should have at least give me a warning of some kind that it is a major update or something…

    whatever…i will have to go to my bank to activate mtoken app.it can’t just be uninstalled and installed again without some actions from them…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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