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    First of all: Thanks for this amazing project. The time don’t stop, all know that… But, with this work: my phone think different :)

    I have encountered three troubles at this time:

    For the initial Record: Verizon Galaxy Note 4 (Qualcomm) with lineage-15.1-20180713-UNOFFICIAL-trlte.zip

    1. when flashing first time (i follow this instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQoHApohbDk) the configuration app stopped abnormally in any versions from 20180326 (youtube video) at 20180708 (my actual version on my Verizon note 4). the solution showed and worked on my note too was touch many times the corners of screen in clock sense and in one time this configuration app is skipped and show the desktop.

    2. i have created a hotpots with OSTotoHotspot windows program (www.ostoto.com), running with Windows 8.1 on my Dell Latitude E6430 and now with the 20180708 ROM i can’t connect to them my note 4. the hotpots is fine to others devices…

    3. WOW! You have been record this feature!!! This is one of the most (and less important to me, but shows the level of work made) repeated in many internet places: the fingerprint doesn’t work! But: i can add my fingerprint successfully! Awesome! But i can’t not unlock this with my fingerprint yet.

    Final Suggestion for now: include the always on feature in the future. Here are a post that says that is possible:


    Thanks! a lot! again!

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