How to Get Phone Info on a Samsung Phone

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    Sometimes you may need to know the Phone INFO on your Samsung phone for several reasons. To download a Stock Samsung Firmware you need to have PDA version, CPC info, Model info etc. Developer vndnguyen has developer a simple one click Android App that helps you getting all those info that you need.

    Using this Samsung Phone Info app you can know exactly what country your phone has been produced for. So you can choose the correct firmare to flash. You can also know your Bootloader version so you can decide which method to use to root your Samsung device, whether the Knox will be tripped or not, which firmware version can be flashed and many such question can be answered easily. Certainly not easily and definitely you have to look around the web but definitely it will give you enough information to move on in the right direction.

    Samsung Phone Info Android App

    Below are the SAMSUNG SPECIFIC INFO that this Samsung Phone Info App can report:

    • Phone Colour
    • CSC Product Code
    • CSC Sales Code
    • Country Region
    • RIL Serial Number
    • PDA Version
    • CSC Version
    • Changelist
    • Country of Origin
    • Phone Manufacturing Date
    • Knox Warranty Void

    Below are some other INFO reported by this APP Samsung Phone Info:

    • Manufacturer, Phone Model, Device Name & Product Name
    • IMEI and Serial No
    • Bootloader Version & Baseband Version
    • Kernel Version
    • Build Number, Description and Date
    • Fingerprint
    • Android Version
    • Mobile Operator Name/Mobile Network Code
    • Total RAM, Screen size and resolution, Battery capacity and health

    Phone INFO ★Samsung★ is the Android Application which is available to be downloaded from the Android Play Store. have a look below for the Download link.

    Phone Info for Samsung @ Google Play Store

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