raznoptid KillerCam GCam 6.1.021

This is a GCam port of version 6.1.021 and raznoptid's build version is 1.5.

There are 2 GCam versions available in this page:

FIlename: KillerCam_V1.5_Revolution_6.1.021_Fix-Version.apk (for Redmi 7)

Build date: 3rd June 2020

FIlename: KillerCam_V1.5_Revolution_6.1.021.apk

Build date: 3nd May 2020

Changelog of GCam build version 1.5 (FIX version):

- Repack on APKTOOL
- Fixed the night sight stuck mode
- Fixed the /res/values/arrays.xml Thank you jairo_rossi, just huge!
- Delete some of the menus on Google AWB
- Reset Correction NightSight Min.ISO Limited

Changelog of build version 1.5


- Version based on xtrme's xcam (Google Camera 6.1)
- Fix Previous Version Bugs
- Erase unnecessary layouts
- New Image Format
- New Folder Save Config
- Correction NightSight Min. ISO Limited Up To 40
- Added Redmi 7 To Google AWB

NOTE: For this Gcam and later updates, the Config folder will be in /KillerCam/Config instead of GCam/Configs

This GCam port works on following devices:

  • Redmi 7 GCam

Other Google Camera Downloads:

  • Google Camera Download (The huge list that contains working GCam ports for all available phones)
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  • File Size 159.19 MB
  • Create Date January 24, 2023

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