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  • This is a Google Camera APK port of base version 8.3.252 and MWP build version v1a (latest) which is built by MWP.

    Click on the dropdown box and scroll down to get the latest version of this port in the end.

    Build date: Spetember 2021

    Changelog of GCam 8.3.252_V1a by MWP:

    • Added Pixel HDR models selection
    • Enable Material you theme by default
    • Enable HDR enhanced for Pixel 4/4a & 5/5a series
    • Added custom Lib:
      • xHDR
      • Valley Noir ( Extraordinary Black & white sharp images )
    • Added Libpatcher & Tone Curved, ported from camera PX 7.2 (just add some important parameters only)
    • Enabled developer menu


    Built primarily for Google Pixel phones but may also work on other phones.

    Developer options -------------------------

    Enable Focus tracking -camera.artemis -camera.artemis.portrait

    Enable 60fps video rec -camcorder.4k60fps (for supported pixel only) -camera.60fps

    Enable Auto NS -camera.catshark.chesee -camera.catshark.enable.RESTART

    Enable Video stabilization UI -camcorder.washington -camcorder.washington_a (active) -camcorder.washington_c (cinematic) -camcorder.washington_l (locked)

    Enable manual focus ( Night sight ) -camera.manual_focus_enabled -camera.manual_focus_infinity ( infinity )

    Enable Sabre / super res zoom -SABRE_ALLOWED

    Enable Astrophotography -camera.cuttle.extended

    Enable Dual exposure slider -hdrnet_enabled

    Supported devices:

    • Google Pixel phones
    • and many more devices

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