Full OpenGApps for Android 10 – ARM64

This is the Full Open GApps for Android 10 based custom ROM for ARM64 architecture. Below you will find the info about this Gapps package and the download link.

Release date:

September 28th, 2019

Supported Architecture:

ARM 64-bit

About Full Open GApps for Android 10:

The Full Open GApps package similar to the Google Stock Package except that it does NOT include Google Camera and Google Keyboard.

Also, it will NOT remove any stock/AOSP Browser, Camera, Email, Gallery, Launcher, Keyboard, SMS App, Pico TTS or WebView.

This Full OpenGApps package contains the core Google system base, Google Android Shared Services, off-line speech files, Google Play Store, Google Exchange Services (replaces stock/AOSP Exchange Services), Face Detection for Media, Face Unlock, Dialer Framework and the following Play Store applications:

  • Cloud Print
  • Device Health Services
  • Gmail
  • Google Accessibility Suite (TalkBack)
  • Google App (Search)
  • Google Calculator (replaces stock/AOSP Calculator)
  • Google Calendar (replaces stock/AOSP Calendar)
  • Google Chrome (replaces stock/AOSP Browser)
  • Google Clock (replaces stock/AOSP Clock)
  • Google Drive
  • Google Keep Notes
  • Google Maps
  • Google Messages (not installed on tablet devices) (replaces stock/AOSP SMS app)
  • Google Pixel Launcher
  • Google Package Installer (replaces stock/AOSP Package Installer)
  • Google News
  • Google Photos (replaces stock/AOSP Gallery)
  • Google Play Books
  • Google Play Games
  • Google Play Movies & TV
  • Google Play Music
  • Google Play services
  • Google Tags (replaces stock/AOSP NFC Tags)
  • Google Text-to-Speech (for Android 6.0+)
  • Google Wallpapers
  • Pixel Icons
  • Pixel Launcher
  • Google Sounds (for Android 9.0+)
  • YouTube

NOTE: Apps listed in bold are the extra apps installed over it's smaller package.

For more options to download Gapps, visit the following page: GApps for Android 10.

  • Version
  • Download 1616
  • File Size 496.65 MB
  • Create Date May 25, 2024

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