BigKaka AGC 8.4

This is a GCam mod port of the base version 8.8.224 and BSG version v3 (latest) which is built by developer BSG.

Latest Build date: September 2022

Changelog of AGC 8.4.300_V9.2_fix2 by BigKaka:

  • Fix a problem where portraits cannot be imaged

Changelog of AGC 8.4.300_V9.2_fix1 by BigKaka:

  • Fixed 845 CPU type force close problem such as poco f1, Mix2s, Iqoo
  • Fixed iqoo, vivo photo dark problem because the SpatialGainMap(Lens Shading Map) is turned on by default
  • Fixed 16:9 photos could not be taken in front lens
  • Fixed camera photo resolution cannot be selected
  • Fixed import xml lens loss problem

Changelog of AGC 8.4.300_V9.2 by BigKaka:

  • Added automatically find main lens id, solve the problem that camera cannot be opened due to main lens non-zero values 
  • Added manual focus slider, automatically find all lens's focus distance, you can modify it yourself if the data is wrong
  • Added Z Fold 4, Z FLIP 4 and Samsung S22U Exynos supports
  • Added hunman and dog face recognition, need pixel2XL viewinder
  • Added meizu, lg, zte, poco Watermark logo
  • Added Chinese supports for custom watermark
  • Added Mi12SU and Mi10U CCT values for different ISOs
  • Added Black and White Leica CCT
  • Added CCT Override Lens Settings in Image processing
  • Added Auto-CT code refactored from lmc, thanks Hasli work
  • Added SpatialGainMap Fix in Lens Settings, for fix same device like vivo, sony and samsung exynos
  • Added Analysis, Portrait Depth in Experimental Setting
  • Added hdrnet switch for non-pixel, turn on wiil turn on white balance
  • Added AWB Imx355 Imx471 Ov5675 S5kgw3 S5khm2
  • Added dynamic black level
  • Added override lens zoom max
  • Added upsale to lens settings and fix portrait mode
  • Added bright light fix 
  • Fixed hdr+(zsl) noise by turn off gcam.zsl_ns, turn off if the old version of hdr+ has a lot of noise in low light
  • Fixed same devices ois wrong issue
  • Fixed mtk and Exynos device same problem by changed Pixel2 xl for default interface for mtk and Exynos device

Compatible Configs

Visit the AGC 8.4 config to download all compatible config files for respected devices.

Supported devices:

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  • Create Date May 26, 2024

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