Cyanogen’s Mods Integration Will Bring a Whole New User Experience

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There was a time when CyanogenMod was only known to the developers and advanced users but after the inception of Cyanogen OS, Cyanogen has grown bigger and bigger and reached to the end user via OnePlus, Yu (a Micromax Venture), WileyFox, ZUK (by Lenovo) etc. The reason for Cyanogen or CyanogenMod’s popularity is the Customization option, Added Features and Performance Improvements over stock Android. Bunch of other Custom ROMs are there in market today which are built on top of CyanogenMod. I believe you have got at least some idea on Cyanogen if you had not prior to this.

Cyanogen's mods integration
Cyanogen’s mods integration

With this MODs integration launched by Cyanogen you will definitely fall in love with Cyanogen powered Android phones. Basically Mods is a platform which provides you post application customization for some of the great Android applications out there on your phone wide. This statement may be confusing. Don’t worry, I will elaborate.

What really is Cyanogen’s Mods integrated platform:

Mods allows the Cyanogen OS to access some applications system wide or it is configured so.

For example:
The One NOTE mod on Cyanogen OS:
With the integrated One NOTE Mod you can now take notes anytime—from anywhere in the Cyanogen OS. The OneNote mod creates entry points throughout the OS, from the dialer to the browser and beyond. There’s even a dedicated quick settings tile so you can jot down a quick note anytime.

Remember the Samsung Galaxy NOTE series features? Yes, the S-pen that I an talking of. You can quickly take a note of anything, anytime, anywhere on your phone. Now you can enjoy similar features on any Cyanogen OS powered Android Phones with the One Note mods integration. Although the Mods integration is not just restricted to One Note rather it is also integrated to many more applications.

The Cortana mod on Cyanogen OS:
Similar to the One NOTE Mod Cyanogen has also integrated all possible Cortana features to the Cyanogen OS which you can use system wide. The Cortan Mod allows you to do everything from setting reminders and scheduling meetings, to calling and texting friends etc. Don’t bother on which screen you are on your phone, just ask Cortana to take a selfie, and she’ll switch to the camera app and start a countdown timer immediately.

Sounds cool till now??? See here for more mods on Cyaongen OS.

Mods will begin rolling out to devices with Cyanogen OS 13.0 and higher. If you want Mods, then switch to a Cyanogen Powered Android Phone and have fun.