Compaq Devices and Drivers

Here are the drivers for Compaq hardware:

NCR53C8XX / Sym53c8xx

This driver works with the following SCSI Chipsets:

NCR53c875, NCR53c876


This driver works with the Compaq Smart Array Controllers in the following table.

Table of Compaq Array Controllers and Part Numbers:

Vendor IDDevice IDNameSpare #Assembly #Option #
110e2040Smart Array Controller (EISA)142130-001002969-001142055-001
110e2040Smart Array Controller (EISA)181132-001003596-001 /
110e3040Smart-2/E (EISA)194752-001194771-001194751-001
0e114040Integrated Array Controller   

The drivers for cpqarray are already in the main Linux kernel source tree. This means that RedHat already comes with drivers for the Compaq array controllers.

Table of cpqarray driver versions and controllers supported:

Cpqarray Driver VersionEarliest Kernel VersionRedHat
Supported Cards Array LC2, and prior Array 431, and prior (EISA), IDA-2 (EISA), original Smart Array Controller (EISA), SA4200, SA4250ES, Integrated Array Controller (ROC), and prior
0.9.9(2.2.5-15)*6.0Smart-2/SL, Smart-2/E (EISA), Smart-2/P, Smart-2DH, SA221, SA3100ES, SA3200

*Not an official Kernel Release, this kernel is provided by RedHat

Problems / Known Issues:

In RedHat 6.1, the cpqarray driver does support the SA4200 and SA4250ES; however, the PCI device id’s of these controllers did not make it into the RedHat Installation PCI device table. What this means is that the driver does work, but the installation program does not recognize controller card, and therefore does not load a driver.

The solution to this is to go through the “expert mode” of installing Linux. When prompted for a driver diskette, choose cancel. Then select the Compaq Smart2 driver from the list. This is the proper method to have the controller card detected by the installer program and have Linux load the driver after you reboot.

I believe that the above is true for RedHat 6.2 as well, it won’t automatically detect the SA4200, SA4250ES, nor the SA431; however, the driver does work for those cards.

Another issue is that the driver for the Integrated Smart Array Controller (ROC) will not support both an array of drives and a tape drive; therefore, systems which have the ROC chip installed will need to put the tape drive on another controller other than the integrated controller. The other choice is to install a Compaq Smart Array controller in a slot, move the drives to that controller, remove the Integrated Smart Array controller (ROC), leave the tape drive connected to the integrated SCSI controller.

More ROC info: roc.html

Here is the readme for the cpqarray driver: /usr/src/linux/Documentation/cpqarray.txt

Additional information concerning the cpqarray driver can be found at the following locations:

Old site for cpqarray: – check*/
New site for cpqarray:


Table of Compaq CCISS Array Controllers and Part Numbers:

Vendor IDDevice IDNameSpare #Assembly #Option #

Compaq Network Cards

There are basically two types of supported Compaq Network Cards: tlan and e100


Vendor IDDevice IDNameSpare #Assembly #Option #
0e11ae32Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX PCI UTP169849-001005139-001169845-001
0e11ae34Compaq Netelligent 10 T PCI UTP242501-001006064-001242500-001
0e11ae35Compaq Integrated NetFlex 3/Pn/an/an/a
0e11ae40Compaq Netelligent Dual 10/100 TX PCI UTP242560-001006312-001242559-001
0e11ae43Compaq Netelligent Integrated 10/100 TX UTPn/an/an/a
0e11b011Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX Embedded UTPn/an/an/a
0e11b012Compaq Netelligent 10 T/2 PCI UTP/Coax292857-001007132-001292856-B21
0e11b030Compaq Netelligent 10/100 TX UTP???
0e11f130Compaq NetFlex 3/P(169811-001)(004165-001)(169810-001)
0e11f150Compaq NetFlex 3/P(169811-001)(004165-001)(169810-001)
108d0012Olicom OC-2325???
108d0013Olicom OC-2183???
108d0014Olicom OC-2326???

Additional information concerning the tlan driver can be found at the following location:

Linux TI ThunderLAN driver site:


Vendor IDDevice IDNameSpare #Assembly #Option #Chipset
  Netelligent 10T PCI Intel UTP317358-001317357-001317356-B21 
  Netelligent 10/100 TX PCI Intel UTP317606-001317607-001317600-B21 
  Compaq NC3120   82558
  Compaq NC3121 Fast Ethernet323553-001 /
323557-001 /
  Compaq NC3122 Dual Port Fast Ethernet317453-001317459-001317450-B21 
  Compaq NC3131 64 PCI Dual Base 10/100338478-001009542-001338456-B21 
  Compaq NC3132 Dual 10/100 Upgrade Module for NC3131338479-001009545-001338456-B22 
  Compaq NC6132 1000 SX Upgrade Module for NC3131338480-001009548-001338456-B23 

Unknown as of yet, probably uses the e100:

Vendor IDDevice IDNameSpare #Assembly #Option #Chipset
  Intel Pro/100 Management Adapter   82559
  Intel Pro/100 Management Adapter, Alert on Lan    

For RedHat 70 there is a Compaq version of the e100 intel driver:



The e100 driver should be used rather than the eepro100 driver.


I do not know if there is currently a driver for the AMD PCNET chipset. Here is a listing of some of the network cards. There is a PCNET32 driver which should be the correct one; however, I have not been able to test it as of yet. I’m sure parameters should need to be passed to it since it has been usually on the EISA bus.

I believe I have been able to get the pcnet32 driver to work on some embedded AMD controller cards on the older ProLiant servers.

Vendor IDDevice IDNameSpare #Assembly #Option #Chipset
  Netelligent 10T ISA265617-001006252-002 /
265615-001AMD AM79C961A PCNET ISA II
  Netelligent 10T/2 ISA UTP/Coax265618-001006252-001 /
265616-001AMD AM79C961A PCNET ISA II


This is the driver for the Compaq Gigabit NIC.

The e1000 driver is available from the Intel web site and is used for the Fibre NIC. You can either do a search at Intel’s site for e1000 or you can also go to the following address:


Currenlty, there is a 1.0.3 patch for the driver.


Vendor IDDevice IDNameSpare #Assembly #Option #
1014003eIBM 16/4 Token Ring PCI Special NIC – or –
PCI Wake on LAN II 16/4 Token-Ring Adapter

More info: See cpqlintr.html


Network Card Summary:
The tlan, eepro100, and pcnet32 drivers are all built in to the Linux Kernel Source Tree. If updated or different drivers are needed, you may wish to check the NASA web site or for Intel based cards, the Intel web site.

Intel Web Site
Nasa Web Site

Compaq SA4200 and SA4250ES not auto-detected during RedHat 6.1 Installation:
These controllers are supported by the 1.0.5 version of the driver which is in the 6.1 version of RedHat Linux. The PCI Device ID of these controllers did not make it into the RedHat installation PCI Device ID Table. What this means is that the RedHat installation program sees the boards (with their respective ID’S), doesn’t find these ID’s listed in the PCI Device ID Table, and therefore does not load any drivers for them.

The solution to this is to go through Linux Expert mode of installation and specifically choose the Smart2 driver from the list. By informing the installation program in this way that you want to use this driver, the installation program will properly create an initrd that you will be able to boot from.

Compaq PCI Hot Plug Bus:
Linux is currently unable to handle nor make proper use of the Compaq PCI Hot Plug Bus.

The solution is in SCU to choose Linux as the installed OS. If Linux is not an available choice (2000 ROM and latest SCU), then choose UnixWare 2 as the installed OS. A third solution on this is to disable the PCI Hot Plug Bus Reservations in SCU under advanced mode.

  1. Choose Linux as the installed OS (available on System ROM’s from 12/99 and beyond, also use the latest SCU)
  2. Choose UnixWare 2 as the installed OS
  3. Disable the PCI Hot Plug Bus Reservations in SCU under advanced mode

Boot Controller on the 2nd and 3rd PCI Bus:
Linux is currently unable to handle a boot controller on the 2nd or 3rd PCI bus. There are a set of boot diskettes provided by Compaq that has a kernel that will boot and provide support for the 2nd and 3rd PCI bus. The 2nd and 3rd diskettes are used after the installation to copy out a correct kernel to /boot that will allow you to boot Linux. Also there should be a patch on the 2nd or 3rd diskettes to patch the kernel source tree so that you can build your own kernel. These diskettes are located in two softpaq’s: SP10775.EXE (for creation of diskettes from windows) and SP10776.TAR (for creation of diskettes from Linux).

Links Summary:

cpqarray: Old site for cpqarray – check*/
cpqarray: New site for cpqarray:
tlan: Linux TI ThunderLAN driver site:
e100: Intel e100 drivers
e1000: Intel e1000 drivers
Intel Web Site:
Nasa Web Site
(Network Drivers & Beowulf):

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