Chinese Trail Camera Wont Mount, Neither will Memcard.

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Im running 64bit Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS The camera is a LESHP trail camera. Takes SD cards. You must format the card inside the camera just for it to mount in the camera. Therefore, i have no idea what the card is formatted to. (FAT, NTSC, ..etc) When i plug the camera, or just the SD card into Ubuntu, there is no mounting. (ive verified all cables and ports work with other memcards and cam components) When plugged into Ubuntu, the camera powers up properly and the screen shows a usb and says ‘MSDC’. My XP computer recognized the SD card, but wont open it, says it needs formatted. Any suggestions on how to atleast get the card to mount in Ubuntu? lesp.jpg Attached Images lesp.jpg (12.8 KB)


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