Best Find My Phone App Download on Android [ Phone Finder ]

If you are android user then you know that this feature can save your device from many unwanted situations, Like if you are in hurry and lost your Android phone then you can easily track your android phone and find it again so that it cannot be stolen by thieves. This article is totally dedicated to finding my phone feature and we are going to talk about it in detail. We will talk about many find my phone apps and about their features.

Find My Android Phone

Every android device should have this feature in order to make your Android phone secure and to be safe from huge loss. As we all know that these days our phone is the most important thing which we all carry and nowadays our phone has different money transfer apps and active social media logins.

Android phone has many important files, videos, and data which can create a huge impact on us if stolen. Find my phone apps provide android phone a safety feature and make an android phone safe than before.

Wheres My Droid App Download?

This application helps you to find your Android device and there are many other features which are mention below and you can easily download this application from the requirement section. This application has good reviews and also a high user rating experience. You can try this application.

  • Remote device Lock.
  • Find My Device
  • Sim changing notification.
  • Find My Device Via Vibration or Ring.


This app will make your android phone secure than before and make you tension free.

Google Find My Phone Application-

Google is a big organization and the most reliable one and with this application, everyone can find their android phone easily and the only thing which is required is GPS permissions. This application has millions of download and rated 4.5 stars in the playstore. You can also visit google find my device official website and login with google account for finding the android phone with the same account logged in.

  • User can erase all the data in case of device lost.
  • Remote Ring Option.
  • Remotely Phone lock option.
  • Find my device using google account.


Family Locator Application Download-

This application has the same functionality as others but has a different feature which is new and find my device by creating a family group where everyone can see each others location and trace them easily. Everyone’s location’s will shared and you can check that easily and find where is the device of other people.

  • Find My device via Gps
  • Messaging through this app.
  • Locate other members device.
  • History of locations.


These all are the top and the best applications for the finding android phone and these applications are too much reliable and easy to use.

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