Are "SSH" "PDU’s" created at the TCP/IP Model’s Application Layer

Question 1: Before the SSH “handshake” between the Client and the Server… where in the process does SSH Protocol do it’s thing… Question 2: I’m assuming it Encodes/Scrambles the original data based on some algorithm… which has been agreed to by the two computers… Client & Server… right? Question 3: So does this occur at the Application Layer before the segmented data gets it’s TCP header added at the Transport Layer? This is based on the assumption that… Question 4: SSH traffic travels over the internet as “Frames” … with a header and trailer… via the following steps… Right? 1 – It all starts out with the raw data at the Application Layer that Computer-1 wants to send to Computer-2… Maybe something as an ASCII text like… “Hello World” 2 – ?? 3 – At the Transport Layer the the data got segmented with a Header added and thus became TCP Packets with Source & Destination Ports included 4 – At the Network Layer those TCP Packets had an additional Header added and thus became IP Packets with Source & Destination IP addresses included 5 – At the TCP/IP Updated Model’s Data Link layer the IP packets had another Header added plus a “Trailer” with the Source & Destination Mac Address induced I’ve Googled & watched Videos until my eyes have rolled back in my head… so I’m hopeful that some kind soul will walk through this with me. Thanks.


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