Android Oreo New Features – What to Expect from next Android O ROM

If you don’t already know then the Android Oreo update is already available for few nexus and pixel devices. These Android Oreo ROMs are available via Android BETA program and not yet available for general public or precisely not available for other Android devices than the latest Nexus line-up and Pixel devices. This is what happens every year and if you want the latest Android on your device then it’s time to buy a Google flagship, the next time you upgrade your Android phone.

New features on Android Oreo ROM
New features on Android Oreo ROM

Well, you need not to feel low about it as long as the Custom ROM community is still working on such things. If you want to upgrade your Android phone or Tablet to the latest Android Oreo ROM then stay tuned here and I will bring you that for your device. I already have the LineageOS 15 Android Oreo ROMs list, which will be updated more frequently after the Android Oreo public release in another quarter.

When is the Android Oreo coming finally?

Back in March 2017 the there was the Android Oreo Developer preview 1 and recently in mid May there we have got the Android Oreo Developer preview 2. As per the below schedule which clearly shows that the final Android Oreo public release is coming on Q3, probably in August 2017, similar to that of the Android Nougat which was released on late August of 2016.

Here is the Android Oreo schedule:

Android Oreo release schedule
Android Oreo release schedule

So, What are the new features on Android Oreo?

There are lots of new additions in the Android Oreo in the user interface and in the backend or framework infrastructure. at the end of the day a user is directly concerned of the UI and the developer is concerned of the backend APIs available in the latest Android to make their apps more compatible on the latest Android. Here I am gonna focus more on the UI improvements than the backend programming API updates and impacts. This is definitely not the final list of Android Oreo updates because there is still a quarter left till the final Android Oreo is released and you will see lots of changes for sure.

  1. Whole new Settings interface on the Android Oreo:

    Earlier Android versions have categorized settings interface. You had the Wireless & networks, Device, Personal, System and other categories under the settings application. On Android Oreo, this categorized Settings interface is gone and all of the Settings options align on a single line rather than the categorized view. Some people may find the older categorized interface comfortable, but the newer interface is much cleaner and looks more simple.

  2. New Settings on Android Oreo
    New Settings on Android Oreo
  3. New notification pull down on Android Oreo:

    Under the quick settings menu, currently till Android Nougat, all the notifications from all over the apps are visible completely. I mean the complete notification is by default visible on the Notification bar when you pull down. But on Android Oreo only the App icons will be there under the quick Settings menu. Individual notifications will come up showing the moment you pull down more and more.

    You can see the below image which shows it all. You can see the first few notifications are shown completely but the later notifications have not yet opened up completely.

    Persistent Notification on Android Oreo
    Persistent Notification on Android Oreo
  4. Picture in Picture (PIP) on Android Oreo:

    Picture in Picture is something like a floating window of an Application. You can take out any application and use it on any screen making it kind of floating. This you can relate to Galaxy NOTE 7 kind of feature, where you can draw a window on any part of the screen and open an application which will occupy only that part of the screen.

    Picture in Picture (PIP) on Android Oreo
    Picture in Picture (PIP) on Android Oreo

More and more features will be added to this post as soon as information comes out as part of Google IO 2017 announcement or subsequent Android Oreo Developer Preview release. Meanwhile let me know what you think of the latest Android Oreo and how much will you be excited to get the Android Oreo ROM on your device??

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