Android Market Now Google Play

In an effort to make entertainment more fun, and easy, Google has rebranded its app store which was earlier known as Android Market, to Google Play or the Play Store.
Everything is still the same when it comes to apps, music, movies and books. Really almost nothing has changed.

Android Market Now Google Play

The web based market has already been updated, the new url is,
phones running 2.2 or later will receive the update for the over the next few days.

Google has a promotion to celebrate the rebranding, it’s called Play Our Favorites.
25 paid apps for $0.49. They also have a “7 Days to Play” promo, which will discount a different
album, book, video rental and Android app at a special price each day for the next week.

Although the Play Store is a repository of all available app from all developer but with few exceptions. Like, the Play Store version of Google Camera app is only meant for Google Nexus and Pixel devices and will not work on any other devices.

To be able to such apps we have the GCam APK repository, the ES File Explorer Pro APK etc. and we have provision to download all other Android apps from here.

So happy app downloading from the all new rebranded Google Play.

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